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Shop Wholesale Novelty Gifts from Independent Suppliers in the UK, Europe and the US.

When it comes to buying gifts, customers love all things unique and fun. In fact, Statista has predicted that in the US alone, novelty gifts and souvenir stores will generate up to $16.6 billion by the end of 2024. As a retailer, it may be that you’re on the hunt for the next best thing, for your novelty gift collection. If so, you’ve come to the right place. CREOATE offers a gag-worthy selection of wholesale novelty gifts to suit a variety of tastes. Sourced from stockists across the UK, Europe, and the US, you’re sure to find some unique additions to your inventory.

What kinds of wholesale novelty gifts will I find on CREOATE?

From wholesale gift sets and bundle boxes, to amusing gadgets and quirky toys, you won’t run out of choice when stocking up on wholesale gifts on CREOATE. We’ve got nostalgic throwbacks and contemporary picks, with gifts that span a range of themes, and interests, for customers of different ages and tastes. For wholesale gag gifts to tickle someone’s fancy, to pop culture references and memorable products designed to surprise and delight, there’s something for everyone on CREOATE. Unsure where to start? No problem! Enjoy a 60-day return policy on unopened products, allowing you to explore new brands risk-free!


What is considered a novelty gift?

A novelty gift is often considered something that doesn’t have an immediately obvious practical use or function. Put simply, it’s just for fun! And isn’t that what gifting is all about? Sometimes it’s these kinds of gifts that put the biggest smiles on our faces, and really make us feel seen. 

When am I most likely to sell the most novelty gifts?

Luckily novelty gifts are in demand year-round, and are suitable for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, stag and hen do’s, and more. Unsurprisingly, Christmas is the most popular time to buy these items, so be sure to stock up on gifts wholesale before then so you’re prepared. Be sure to browse our selection of wholesale novelty Christmas gifts for ideas, and check out our guide to seasonal stock-ups for tips and advice on avoiding deadstock over the holiday period.

Why shop gifts wholesale on CREOATE?

There are lots of reasons to shop for your wholesale novelty gifts on CREOATE. Chief among them in the convenience of shopping multiple brands all in one place and only needing to checkout once. You can also get a full refund on any products that don’t sell and send them back within 60 days, allowing you to discover new brands risk-free. For last-minute stock-ups, browse our Super Shipper brands, and keep an eye out for sellers with low minimum order values and high-margin wholesale gifts. In addition to our varied product selection, we also provide reliable and free cross-border shipping, as well as exceptional customer support for peace of mind as you shop. Explore our collection stock up on funny gifts wholesale on CREOATE today.

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