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Wholesale Pet Food and Treats

Help your customers indulge their furry four-legged friends with our selection of wholesale pet food and treats available at CREOATE. Shop pet treats wholesale directly from suppliers of pet food across the UK, wider Europe, and the USA, offering a wide variety of delectable treats to satisfy even the most discerning of pet palates.

Goldfish Pet Bowl

Goldfish Pet Bowl

Suck UK Ltd
Suck UK LtdUnited Kingdom, Minimum £0
HIGH MARGIN5L Collapsible Water Carrier - By Redwood

5L Collapsible Water Carrier - By Redwood

Rinkit Ltd
Rinkit LtdUnited Kingdom, Minimum £0

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Shop Wholesale Pet Food and Treats from Independent Suppliers in the UK, Europe and the US.

What kind of wholesale pet food and treats will I find on CREOATE?

Our collection of wholesale pet food treats and bulk dog food includes an assortment of flavours, textures, and dietary options. From tasty training treats and natural chews, to gourmet biscuits and grain-free delights, we strive to provide a comprehensive wet and dry selection that caters to different tastes, dietary needs, and pet preferences.

When you choose to shop for wholesale pet food and treats on CREOATE, you can trust that you're offering your customers high-quality products made with their pets' health and happiness in mind. Discover wholesale pet food distributors who prioritise natural ingredients, responsible sourcing, and delicious recipes that pets will love.

Whether you're looking for wholesale dog treats suitable for training or dental health, as well as all kinds of pet accessories — CREOATE offers a seamless shopping experience that saves you time and effort.

Looking for more pet products? Shop thousands of wholesale pet supplies in one place; from leads and collars, to pet bedding, wholesale pet clothes, and the latest in pet grooming.


Which animals are these wholesale pet food products suitable for?

The majority of the pet food and treats within this category is targeted at dogs, and wholesale dog treats tend to be the most popular, too. This makes sense when you consider dogs are the most popular pets in both the UK and the USA (and we have our suspicion that they’re the most spoiled pets too, but don’t let the cat owners hear that!).

What wholesale dog treats are trending?

We’ve noticed that the most popular wholesale dog treats tend to come in funky, eye-catching packaging, and be offering something a bit different — like a tin of sardines for dogs, or squeezable peanut butter for puppies. That said, the meaty classics are also likely to go down a storm — when it comes to food, most dogs follow their noses before they follow trends!

There’s also a big push towards offering pets a more natural diet that better reflects what they’d be eating in the wild, so it’s no surprise that there’s currently a big appetite for buying natural dog treats wholesale, too, as well as fresh raw food options.

What about cats though?

Don’t worry, we haven’t totally forgotten about cats! You can bulk buy cat food and kitten food for resale on CREOATE, too. As with dog food, there’s a big push towards natural cat food and treats.

What minimum order value do I need to hit when buying pet treats?

Each brand selling on CREOATE sets their own minimum order value, with plenty sitting around the £75 to £100 mark if you’d rather start out small. And remember you get 60 days to return anything that doesn’t sell for a refund (provided it’s from brands you haven’t bought from before).

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