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Wholesale Fidget Toys

Fidget Gift sets

Fidget Gift sets

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HIGH MARGINKids toys - 8-piece cutting food play sets

Kids toys - 8-piece cutting food play sets

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NHP InternationalNetherlands, Minimum £0

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Shop Wholesale Fidget Toys from Independent Suppliers in the UK, Europe and the US.

Shop wholesale fidget toys from independent suppliers on CREOATE. Our full range of fidget toys, including wholesale fidget spinners and the new obsession, wholesale pop its, are guaranteed to be a huge hit with tweens and younger children alike. Addictive and collectable, stock up on colourful fidget toys today. We ship to the UK, across Europe and to the US.

What kind of wholesale fidget toys does CREOATE have? 

We have over 150 different types of wholesale fidget toys on CREOATE, making us the perfect place to bulk buy fidget toys to sell in your store. 

Fidget toys, or ‘fidgets’, are typically colourful small plastic toys that are great for keeping your hands busy, or decreasing stress levels. Examples include fidget spinners, ‘pop its’ (which come in various shapes, from simple circles to unicorns), and stress balls. 

Colourful and addictive, fidget toys have exploded in popularity in recent years. And they’re not just for kids; adults who struggle to stay focused, and autistic children and adults, can benefit from having a simple, low-intensity toy to play with. 

Looking for other toy options for your store? Stock up from our full range of wholesale kids products, including wooden toys, soft toys, and kids games, as well as puzzles and games for the whole family.


Are fidget spinners a good thing to stock? 

Fidget spinners are a surprisingly divisive product. While plenty of people see them as a helpful way to reduce anxiety and focus the mind, others claim they only distract children further, and several schools actually banned fidget spinners from classrooms (which may explain why demand has never returned to its circa 2017 levels). 

From a retailer’s point of view, fidget spinners and other fidget toys are a good high margin impulse product, with margins typically around 50% or more. 

Why is it worth buying wholesale fidget toys through CREOATE?

At CREOATE, we’re able to offer additional perks to make your wholesale shopping experience smoother, and take the risk out of stocking new products. We have net 60 terms available, and also offer 60-day returns on your first order with new brands. So if fidget spinners turn out to not be a big hit in your store, you can simply send them back to us, rather than leaving them to gather dust in the back of your stock room. 

Where are these fidget toys made? 

Over 6,500 independent suppliers from across the world sell their products wholesale through CREOATE. Some make their own products, while others have their products made by a manufacturer. You can use the ‘Country’ filter at the top of this page to show only brands based in a certain country, and check the product’s individual description for details of where it’s made. If you’re missing any key info, just message the supplier through CREOATE to ask. 

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