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Wholesale Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun and creative way for people of all ages to express themselves without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. For some, they can also be a great way to experiment with designs before committing to something more permanent. At CREOATE, we offer an extensive range of wholesale temporary tattoos from suppliers across the UK, wider Europe, and the US. Browse our selection today!

Tattoo Aftercare Balm with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, 1 Tub 60g

Tattoo Aftercare Balm with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Funky Soap Shop Ltd
Funky Soap Shop LtdUnited Kingdom, Minimum £0

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TATTOO KAPRISSpain, Minimum £0

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What kind of wholesale temporary tattoos can I find on CREOATE?

We’ve come a long way since the childhood stick-ons you might remember from childhood, and thank goodness for that! While the kid-friendly stuff is fun, you’ll find much more than that in our selection. From simple geometric and line drawing designs, to intricate and detailed works of art — there’s something for everyone. While you’re here, why not add some complementary products to your cart, like our range of wholesale makeup, including eye makeup, face makeup, and lip care?


What are the most popular temporary tattoo designs?

As cliche as its sounds, some of the most popular temporary designs include floral patterns, tribal motifs, animals, inspirational quotes, and metallic tattoos. Suitable for a range of occasions, these designs tend to appeal to a wide range of customers, so it’s worth stocking a few in your collection.

Do temporary tattoos have a shelf life?

Most temporary tattoos do not expire and have an infinite shelf life so you can store them for future use. However, we’d recommend storing them properly so they aren’t exposed to sunlight too much as this can fade their colour or dry them out making them less effective when used. If you have any other questions regarding the shelf life or general storage of the temporary tattoos you purchase, don’t hesitate to contact sellers directly.

How long do temporary tattoos last?

This answer depends on the type you buy. Most temporary tattoos typically last between 3 to 7 days, or a couple of weeks if you’re lucky. You can prolong the life of temporary tattoos by taking care to cover them when washing, wearing loose clothing that won’t chafe or rub against them, or by gently applying clear nail varnish or petroleum jelly over the top. Some temporary tattoos, those designed to help people decide on an actual tattoo, can last a few months. If these are the kind you’re looking for, be sure to carefully read the product descriptions, and if in doubt, check with the supplier.

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