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“I started Otto after a career in interiors styling. CREOATE has been useful for me to broaden my assortment and try new categories like apparel which complement my store nicely.”

Liz / Otto

“1n1 is a concept store + cafe for independents. I source sustainable jewellery and accessories brands through CREOATE. My customers love them because they are unique and affordable!”

Andrea + Martina / 1n1

“Cuemars is an eco conscious store focusing on plants, homewares and natural beauty. I’m always looking for something new for my customers. On CREOATE, I shop the selection of ‘eco friendly’ products for new inspiration.”

Charlotte / Cuemars

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“CREOATE has a network of cool lifestyle stores, cafes, and concept stores. We are a niche brand from Amsterdam and that is exactly where we want our products. CREOATE also offers free shipping, which give us access to international markets without worrying about shipping costs. And the platform is open 24/7 so I can get orders throughout the year, instead of just during one week at a trade show.”

Anne-Floor / Moments of Light

“I joined CREOATE to offer clients payment terms on our products without impacting our cash flow. As a young, growing business, offering credit ourselves would be prohibitive.

As many shows were cancelled this year, CREOATE has given us a great, cost-effective alternative to exhibit our range to prospective stockists.”

Oli / Shole

“I decided to join CREOATE because I wanted to have a wholesale platform where more stockists could find my products and my brand would gain international reach.

CREOATE also offers guaranteed payment and shipping support. Managing the orders has never been so hassle free and convenient!”

Chloe / Chloe Hall Illustration

Featured Brand: BAO Skincare

“ I have always believed that beauty and happiness comes from within. Our skin is usually the first thing people see, so if I can help empower you to feel more confident and happy through improving your skin then my mission in life is complete. ”

Beth, Founder


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creoate?
Creoate is a marketplace for wholesale products, making it easier and cheaper for independent retail businesses to buy from brands and makers from the UK and Europe. Products are purchased directly from our network of sellers and are intended for resale purposes and not for consumption.
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