Weekend Life Modelling Sculpture Class -6 spaces only-


2 Days, 10am to 5pm with a break for lunch.
Guidance, Materials, Tools, Refreshments
All Levels
This workshop concentrates on the body scaled down to half size. Life modelling is a fine art that allows you to immerse yourself into the practice, and this course offers a better chance to explore and understand the human body.

Good to Know

You will work on understanding the underlying structure of the anatomy. Livia, your host, will draw the muscles on the model and described their shapes and functions and aid the process of understanding by having the model activating the muscles groups in question so that we can isolate them and make sense of their shapes.

You will also work on understanding proportions, the flow of the forms, the intersections of the muscles, making sure your work captures the essence of the model.

You will use measurements and plumb line but only to train your eyes to eventually become your measuring devices so that in the future you will use the calipers as an aid to your eyes and be confident in yourself.

The final product will be a wet clay sculpture. You can take beautiful pictures of your work but it will be impossible to take the clay home with you as it is not a finished piece but just the first stage of a sculpture.

Moulding and casting is not included,  but please ask in advance if you would like to be referred to a professional that can do this for you.
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    It was an amazing experience. It isn't as easy as it looks like but if you want to learn every details about sculpture and understand how sculpture is, that is a great opportunity.I'm suggesting to everyone.

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Weekend Life Modelling Sculpture Class -6 spaces only-

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