Create Your Own Candles in a Creative Studio

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1.5 hours
All materials and guidance
All levels

Melt, mix, smell and infuse to create your personalised scented candles.

Express yourself through fragrances and create your unique blend of scents and essential oils. Laura will guide you through each stage of the candle making process so you can proudly take your creation home.

Learn the tips to create the best combinations of aromas, the optimal temperature to melt the wax and how to infuse your chosen oils.

Good To Know

You will have the chance to smell and test a wide variety of fragrances and essential oils to come up with the perfect combination for you.

You’ll create 2 unique candles for you to enjoy and relax or to give as a present to someone special.

Do Good, Feel Good

You’ll be using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, to ensure a more sustainable way of living and planet.

Leave the session with no doubt about the origin and nature of the ingredients used for your new creation. Enjoy a life with less polluting chemicals in your house, body and environment.

The Venue

Benk and Bo is creative eco-system that brings people together from different disciplines to work, make, learn, share ideas and collaborate. This gorgeous Central London studio is adorned with luscious greenery and features modern boho chic finishings. The space also boasts an in-house bakery and cafe.

Address: Benk & Bo, 4-6 Gravel Ln, London E1 7AW
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