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A great extracurricular activity that will give your child transferable life skills!

They will learn to use a sewing machine and loads of other craft and design techniques: crochet, appliqué, embroidery, free machining, dressmaking, pattern cutting....the list is endless! We have a range of projects on offer so they can always have a choice of making something they will use and cherish.

Good to Know

We love to instill a sense of pride in what they make, and creating things that are long-lasting (not throw away). Many of our materials are reused and recycled. A great way to let your child's creative juices flow!

They'll be confident on the sewing machine in no time. Suitable for all levels of ability for ages 6 to 16 years.
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Address: Make Mee Studio 35 Tyrwhitt Road, London, SE4 1QD
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    A well thought-out class, it covers lots of facets of dress making, but using a skirt as a specific example, so that you can walk home with you first handmade piece of clothing after 6 weeks! Tracey was a great and patient teacher, and very good at juggling looking after 3 students who were sometimes working on different things, as some skirts progressed faster in some areas and then slower in others.
    Also, the studio is located in the back of Tracey's garden so it's just the loveliest setting.
    I only joined this because a friend was going and I thought "why not?", but found the experience so amazing that I've just bought my own sewing machine and started a couple of small projects already! 
    In sum: I would highly recommend this class, even if you're not sure yet whether sewing is for you and you just want to try it out.
  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    I would highly recommend Tracey's class as it is very detailed and explanatory ,
    She would make sure anytime that you'd fully understand the process behind sewing a zip or making a dart and so on.
    The atmosphere is lovely and relaxing: feels so good to be able to stop thinking about hectic work and personal life issues for a couple of hours during the class!
    If you'd start this course you won't regret it and you'll walk home with an awesome skirt !

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Kids After School Sewing and Crafts

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