Aromatherapy, Meditation and make your own Scent


3 hours
Guidance, Materials, Ingredients, Refreshments
All Levels

A deeply relaxing afternoon of aromatherapy, mindfulness and practical meditations for stress release.

In this sensual workshop we will re-connect with our senses through scent, colour, breathing and mindfulness techniques. Focusing on stress reduction, we will explore the best essential oils for calm, learn some practical de-stress tools, and experience some simple but powerful mini meditations to still your mind.

In this workshop you will discover:

– A selection of short guided meditations using aromatherapy, healing crystals, breathing and body scan techniques.

– How to quieten your mind and embrace the power of silence.

– 8 wonderful calming essential oils for stress reduction.

– How to use aromatherapy in every day life.

– You will also choose, create and take home your own bespoke aromatherapy blend for inner calm.

What you should expect:

1. To learn and experience the benefits, blending notes, aroma and mood of 8 different essential oils to calm, relax and soothe your soul.

2. To learn and try different styles of meditation including a fragrant meditation with your chosen oil.

3. Take away some simple practical tools for stress relief to start using straight away.

4. To create your own essential oil blend to take home.

5. To enjoy a deeply relaxing afternoon

The practical stuff:

– Refreshments and healthy snacks will be available throughout the afternoon 

– We will be seated on the floor for some of the session. Chairs are available if you have difficulty being on the floor.

A little bit about your hosts:

This workshop will be run by Amelia the owner ofThe Blissful Art and Rebecca, the owner of Emotiv Aromatherapy.

Rebecca is a qualified aromatherapist and botanical formulator, corporate escapee and well-being advocate. She has been passionate about the healing power of plants on so many levels since discovering aromatherapy many years ago. She has been constantly drawn to the study of botanical ingredients for both nurturing the body and healing the soul.

Amelia is a wellness coach, mindfulness guide, and an artist. She discovered mindfulness while she was fighting anxiety at work in her corporate years and she felt amazed by how much peace and wisdom mindfulness brought into her life. She left behind the no-purpose corporate life to share the gift of mindfulness and creativity with people who are curious and willing to embrace it.

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Aromatherapy, Meditation and make your own Scent

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