Take a Specialty Coffee Tasting Journey


2 hours
Paired Tastings And Guidance
All Levels
Coffee is considered as the second most popular drink in the world after water. Specialty coffee, representing  5% of the world’s coffee industry is aligned with today’s ethical issue faced within the coffee industry along with top quality product. The workshop will start with an introduction to the History of Coffee. From the legendary goat that discovered coffee in Ethiopia to the first coffee farm, I will guide you into the coffee journey. A cup of coffee is the result of 3 characters: the farmer, the roaster, and the barista. If any of those 3 key people fail in their area, the result will be bad.

1. The farmer. We will have a glimpse of the coffee journey from bean to cup (i.e. the coffee tree, fruit, and the process). What is actually the coffee bean ? How it is grown ? What are the external parameters that have an impact on its flavour?

2. The roaster. The importance and impact 'roasting' has on the quality of the coffee and what differentiate specialty coffee. I will introduce you to the different type of roast profile and how it impacts the coffee flavour.

3. The barista. I will introduce different coffee beans from different regions and different methods of brewing using different coffee tools namely V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Kalita Wave & Syphon.

What's included: Coffee tastings which will be paired with bites/snacks that enhances the notes of the coffee. I'll finally scratch the surface on the new concept of Coffee & Food Pairing.
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Take a Specialty Coffee Tasting Journey

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