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Why should I sell on CREOATE? What are the benefits?

We are here to make wholesale hassle-free and risk-free! Some of the benefits of selling on CREOATE are:

  • Direct access to our network of 50,000+ registered retailers in the UK, Europe and USA. Sell your products to the hottest independent retailers globally from the comfort of your home, without investing on expensive trade shows or sales agents. 

  • Guaranteed payment upon delivery

  • Easy order management

  • Marketing and advertising

How much does it cost to sell on CREOATE?

There is no joining fee, monthly fee or listing fee to sell on CREOATE. We only take a commission on sales: 20% on new retailers’ first order, 10% on reorders (exc VAT). 0% commission on orders from your existing stockists. 

How does shipping work? 

We cover the cost of shipping for every order you receive. We offer brands and buyers free shipping worldwide. Simply book your shipping and collection via our platform – all you have to do is print the labels!

How does trade work with Brexit?

As a brand you simply need to have the EORI number to trade between Europe and the UK. If you have the EORI number, we take care of all of the rest of the documentation needed.

How does payment work?

You have guaranteed payment by us upon delivery of the order. We handle a 60 days credit with buyers at our own cost and risk. This helps your brand getting more sales at our cost. Good-bye cash flow issues!

Can I join if I sell on Amazon, Etsy or other platforms?

Yes, you can still sell on CREOATE even if you sell on another platforms.

Can I choose my Minimum Order Quantities and Minimum Order Value?

Yes, you can set a minimum order quantity per each product and a general minimum order value for your brand.

In which countries are CREOATE’s buyers located?

We have over 10,000 active buyers shopping on CREOATE from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

I can not sell to specific Countries, can I choose the Countries I wish to sell to?

Yes, you can enable Country restrictions. 


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