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    Latvia | Min Order: £ 100

    Pashí is organic fashion & home essentials brand. The idea about creating an sustainable and ethical brand came when Pashí..


    UK | Min Order: £ 150

    Handmade Silk Scarves, Crazy Pocket Squares and Twilly Scarves made in Greece. Designs across the world. We collaborate with young..

    Tartan Blanket Co

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Brought to life by our co-founders and co-parents, Emma and Fergus, The Tartan Blanket Co. is the result of many..

    Danu Ceramics

    Ireland | Min Order: £ 100

    Modern, organic ceramics made in Ireland, inspired by a journey. We specialise in handcrafted, designer ceramic homewares, wall art and..

    The Face Mask

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Our branded, non medical reusable cotton face mask come with replaceable active carbon filtering technology. 5 layer filter of spun-bond..

    Caitlin Hegney

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    I am a Scottish artist jeweller maker who celebrates Ancient Heritage in her work, through exploring rhythmic markings in metal..

    Snug Bud

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    The World's First Wearable Body Warmer with a hand-warming sleeve. The coolest way to keep warm

    Ultra Tee

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    ULTRA TEE's mission: to offer high quality low-impact eco-friendy and fair-trade products. 100% sustainable. All materials tested on harmful substances..

    Arturo Stories

    Italy | Min Order: £ 75

    Arturo makes responsible and sustainable socks in Italy. We at Arturo care very much about respecting our planet and those..

    No Shrinking Violet

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    No Shrinking Violet offers big, bright, bold and surprisingly light weight handmade jewellery at accessible prices. No piece of jewellery..

    Design Vaults

    UK | Min Order: £ 120

    Design Vaults is an independent jewellery business based in Bath. Established by Marie Curtis in 2017, each piece of modern..

    Blossom Yoga Wear

    Ruislip, UK | Min Order: £ 100


    Welcome to Blossom Yoga Wear, a London based women’s yoga wear brand. Our eco friendly apparel is designed and brought..


    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Hafee, TYNA´s founder, was inspired to create the brand having watched her vibrant mother´s health fail to breast cancer, diabetes..

    Nova Silver

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Nova Silver began life back in 2004. An inspirational world trip gave British designers Simon Millership and Julie Wallace the..

    Funky Doris

    Norway | Min Order: £ 150

    Our design philosophy is simple, we simply want to surround ourselves with charming everyday products of lasting qualities. Our style..

    Linen Tales

    Vilnius, Lithuania | Min Order: £ 200


    Linen Tales was first introduced to the world in our own home. To show that the new look made home..


    Paris, France | Min Order: £ 75

    Evesome is a French brand boho chic designed in Paris and produced by artisans. Each Evesome product brings together the..

    Otter and Goat

    UK | Min Order: £ 200

    Organic, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Clothing. A blend of interesting prints & well crafted garments inspired by organic living, nature, travel..

    Adeela Salehjee

    UK | Min Order: £ 350

    British female led designer brand, led by founder Adeela Salehjee. As seen in VOGUE, WWB and Tatler. Adeela is a..

    Sophie Filomena

    Bristol, UK | Min Order: £ 150

    Sophie is a designer, stylist and illustrator who’s interests span over many disciplines + projects, Filomena is a bold and..

    Monica Maja Richardson

    UK | Min Order: £ 200

    We are a London-based, independent luxury clothing brand founded and run by an Italian-born, established abstract artist Monica Maja Richardson...


    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Myia Bonner designs striking contemporary jewellery underpinned by delicacy and quality. Her distinctive work is defined by a signature graphic..


    Stockholm, Sweden | Min Order: £ 250


    5% off £ 900.00

    We are a slow fashion brand born in Sweden with a passion for simple, chic & minimal style that will..

    Tsai x Tsai

    UK | Min Order: £ 150


    Tsai x Tsai (read as "Tsai by Tsai") is a London-based boutique jewellery brand drawing inspiration from the founder’s native..