Seller Service Level Agreement

  1. Account and Inventory:

You agree that we are not liable for incorrect information on your account and we reserve the right to action as needed, such as cancelling an order, adding a penalty fee or suspending your account. Please ensure:  

  1. Your payment details are correct and updated;
  2. Your pick-up address details and all the relevant fields that can be deemed necessary for any order processing and fulfilment, such as your VAT settings registration, EORI number if and when applicable are all filled in correctly;
  3. The lead time you have inserted is feasible and accurate. You acknowledge that not fulfilling an order within this time frame is a breach of the contract and can result in a cancellation of the order and a drop in your ranking on our marketplace. A ranking drop would mean your product listings would be deprioritised in search results leading up to possible drop in your sales from our marketplace.
  4. Your catalogue is up to date when it comes to product availability and set-up, such as attributes and variations where applicable, SKUs and pricing;
  5. Your products description are as detailed as possible, listing the materials/ingredients whenever applicable, as well as the source of the product
  6. You agree to use our messaging system to communicate with customers in a timely manner up to 24h, when needed, complying with our general terms and conditions. Please note that failure to do so will lead to a ranking drop on our marketplace. 


  1. Order Processing and Fulfilment:
  1. In case you need to amend an order, you will do it timely, within 72 hours including weekend hours through the means provided by us; 
  2. You will not fulfil an order that is inaccurate, subject to order amendment and agreed upon;
  3. You understand we provide shipping unless agreed in advance, for where our services are not available or suitable, in which case we will reimburse you at a maximum amount as specified on the site;
  4. You agree that you will mark orders as fulfilled once shipped from your location and add tracking information every time an order is shipped;
  5. You agree to comply with our shipping maximum weights, sizes and any additional factors which might lead to additional surcharges on the shipment and that if not followed you may be requested to pay any extra cost that may incur or there also stands a risk of cancellation of the order
  6. You understand we provide an invoice on your behalf to the customer, and no invoice from you should be issue;
  7. Orders that are not fulfilled within the lead time stipulated by you would have a additional 1 week of grace period beyond which they may be cancelled at our or the customers’ discretion


  1. Shipping:
  1. You understand that packing the order appropriately is your sole responsibility and you may be deemed responsible for any damage claim raised by the customer upon reception according to our Terms and Conditions;
  2. The non-cooperation in solving any damage or issue regarding an order may lead to the deactivation of your account after 2 unresolved incidents or when we deem fit; These will be solved by our dispute resolution team, and we will not be liable for the outcome;
  3. Cross border shipments may have additional requirements, such as licences and certifications depending on the products specifications and that you are responsible for these requirements, such as phytosanitary paperwork etc;
  4. You agree that the HS code setting is accurate and reflects correctly the product for any customs purpose;
  5. Our shipping service includes a collection from a single location in your designated home country. Multiple or change of pick-up locations may result in cancellation or additional charges.


  1. Payment:
  1. You agree that you will be paid agreed amount within 30 days of order being marked fulfilled
  2. You are responsible for correct and timely payment details, any delays may result in payout delays
  3. Our right to reclaim or offset amounts due to use from past disputes or order amendments


  1. Messages and Platform Communication

Permitted messages are those communications necessary to complete an order or to respond to a customer service inquiry

You understand that our messages and platform communication is to be used under our general terms and conditions, in a timely manner (<24 hrs response time), and under no circumstances you may:

  1. Drive business outside of the platform;
  2. Use it against our marketplace which includes references to our competitors;
  3. Share of personal and sensitive information;
  4. Improper or obscene language or graphic images;
  5. Promote violence and/or publish any material considered abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, racist, ageist or sexist to any section of the society; 
  6. Publish anything containing viruses, trojans, crawlers or anything else which may damage, interrogate or otherwise access our software, hardware or communications networks.