Why You Should Start a Retail Pop Up Now

pop up store front square

London is one of the world’s shopping capitals, so it’s no surprise that retail pop up stores can be found in every neighbourhood across the city. Millions of international visitors come to London every year, while 21 million live or commute in the Greater London metropolitan area. It is a fantastic place to test the market, reach new customers and establish a pop-up retail space. Nearly 10,000 new pop ups open every year in London, and the entire retail industry is on board to contribute to a growing ecosystem of ever changing retail landscape.

Create a unique brand experience

Pop-up shops are a great way to get your products in front of new customers and tell your brand story in a truly unique way that visitors remember long after. For digitally native brands, it is incredibly valuable to let customers try your products in person, by presenting them in a way that is interesting and engaging. You can even use the prized physical space to host pop up experiences or events in store to build more buzz around your brand.

Get to know your customer

Use a pop-up as a way to gather data, such as product preferences or locations for potential brick-and-mortar stores.

Use a retail pop up to stand out in a digital world

On the positive side for many wanna be business owners and start ups, creating a brand online is easier than ever. But once you have your website set up and social media live, how do you build awareness and get in front of customers? Having a physical retail space in a high footfall or prime retail area gives you instant access to customers from the moment you open the door.

Test out new products and get real time feedback

One of the most common reasons for starting your own pop up store is to test out a new product or concept and get immediate feedback from customers new and old. The short term nature of pop ups mean you can experiment relatively quickly and engage with your customers to collect their views and reactions to something new that you’re trying with your brand before rolling it out to everyone. With hundreds and thousands of potential customers visiting every day, the data collected in the span of just a few weeks is hugely valuable to make bigger business decisions.

Join a community of like minded entrepreneurs and creatives in a shared retail pop up

Starting a business, especially an online one, is challenging and at times lonely. When you join a retail space, you immediately join a network of neighbouring businesses, residents and customers. Depending on your business type, you can use your physical space to host community building events, like workshops, parties, demos or discussions. You also share shop space by partnering with other brands or non profits to create a shared retail store. By combining your reach, customer network and other resources you can create an even more unique experience and grow your communities together.