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Candles and home fragrances bring so many good things to the home – relaxation, invigoration, memories – but many mainstream candle brands also come with unnatural and potentially harmful ingredients which can have negative impacts on our homes and families. Independent and luxury retailers are leading the way in providing consumers with non-toxic and natural candles by working with artisan candle brands. Many of these are small batch, hand poured and use eco friendly ingredients. Buying wholesale scented candles can still be profitable for retailers who choose to stock quality and handmade candle brands.

We have selected a range of unique and small batch wholesale candles and natural wholesale home fragrance, which will delight customers without any potentially harmful impact on the home.

Inspired by India Hand Poured Candles

Kera London candles are a small batch and hand poured candles from South London. The collection is inspired by founder Anu’s childhood in Kerala, India, featuring exotic fruits, warm spices and sweet coconut goodness. The candles are vegan, soy wax and use cotton wicks and the brand encourages customers to get creative with reusing the glass jars!

Calm in the Chaos Natural Home Fragrance

Dreamt up by mum’s Lisa and Penny, Perfect Chaos candles and home fragrance collections aim to bring a sense of calm to the chaotic lives that we find ourselves in today. Running a busy home and thinking about the future of their children, they wanted to create a home fragrance brand that used all natural ingredients to prevent any toxics in the home and providing the natural aromatherapy benefit of relaxing and calm associated with many of their scents. Perfect Chaos wholesale scented candles come in a range of scents and the on trend copper jars will be the perfect addition to any independent retail store!

Multi Purpose Essential Oil Candles

Lune Essentials is a home fragrance brand inspired by the holistic health benefits to the body’s nervous system from using essential oils. Their collection of candles, fragrance sprays and roll oneProperties found in lavender, sweet orange and cedar wood essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to help alleviate stress related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and depression and achieve a state of calm.

illustrated luxury candle for wholesale

Take Me Away Wholesale Scented Candles

While many artisan and hand poured candles lean toward the simple approach of using amber or clear glass jars, some wholesale candle suppliers have spent as much time thinking about the outside as what’s on the inside of the jar. R L I, a travel inspired candle company, commissioned a bespoke illustration for each of their candles. From the design to the scent, the candle packages up an entire experience that is inspired by the exotic locations each candle is named for.


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