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Whether you’re supplying for indoor or outdoor plant lovers, wholesale plant pots are a year round favourite in retail and lifestyles stores. With a unique selection of wholesale planters from independent suppliers to choose from, this is your best place to find a rotating supply for your store. With simple online catalogues, one click ordering and pre negotiated payment terms, you can focus on finding the right wholesale products for your store quickly and easily.

Ceramic Wholesale Plant Pots

By focusing on smaller suppliers, you will have a range of handmade pieces to choose from. Many of the ceramic planters are made by hand in small studios and workshops in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Buying from small makers and designers, ensures you find one of kind designs while also supporting local maker communities. Their handmade wholesale pieces are made to last and guaranteed to be unique to your store.


Plant Stands and Podiums

As indoor plants make a come back, additional displays for our plants are growing with consumers. You can find a range of plant stands, large or small, which help elevate plants in your retail store and your customers’ homes. Native Home & Lifestyle Wholesale products focus on minimal, modern designs with affordable prices. These simple designs using neutral colours will look great in most styles or aesthetics.


Wholesale Planters and Baskets

Baskets woven from natural fibres give a rustic or relaxed vibe to homes and your store. Handmade by communities of artisans, they are affordable and multi purpose additions to your retail assortment for use as planters or other handy storage or organisation.


cowrie shell wholesale planter

Beautiful Wholesale Vases

While not strictly planters, green and nature lovers will snap up vases other unique displays for fresh or dried flowers. From sustainable materials to cutting edge 3D printed designs, wholesale vases can be a more lightweight home decor product to add to your assortment.


white brown 3d printed vase wholesale plant pot

If you’d like to see more, shop the entire range of wholesale planters and sign up as a buyer today today to unlock wholesale prices.

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