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Home decor and accessories we add, reflects our personal style and who we are, but finding one of a kind home decor suppliers to fill your retail store is not often easy. Balancing margins and uniqueness, while staying on top of the trends, there is a lot to think about.

Sourcing wholesale home decor from UK suppliers provides an endless range to choose from with special stories behind the brands. Sourcing from small brands has the added benefit of being something your customers would have otherwise not been able to find on their own.

Discover a range of homeware wholesale that are unique and will excite customers and keep them coming back for more.

Wholesale Home Decor – Posters and Art Prints

Fill your gorgeous shop shelves and walls with statement art and prints that immediately tell your story. Whether your aesthetic is bright and bold, relaxing and calm or minimalist, you can immediately add impact with wholesale poster and art prints. Emerging graphic and fine artist talent is tricky to find outside of your local community and probably won’t be on display at mainstream trade shows. Now you can discover them and support independent artists by purchasing their work wholesale and stocking your store with unique home décor for your customers.

Luxurious Cushions and Blankets

On of the most popular categories for home decor is wholesale cushions and blankets. These textiles add personality to your retail space and can easily be changed with the trends.


Wholesale Ceramic Mugs – Quirky Gifts

Ceramic mugs are a popular gifting item which are perfect for almost any occasion. Sourcing a unique range of wholesale mugs from home decor suppliers in the UK that are not mass produced or widely available at trade shows helps set your store apart. Independent designs are inspired by the individual designers ranging from seaside scenes, countryside animals or funny feel good quotes.


Eco Friendly Wholesale Products For Home

It seems like the UK is leading the way in the war on waste, with many eco shops opening and traditional retailers making the switch to eco friendly alternative. Customers are eager to support more planet friendly alternatives. There is no better place to source eco friendly wholesale products than from local, independent suppliers who have the newest solutions to this global challenge.


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