Wellbeing in the New Year

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Recover from holiday indulgence and make 2018 the year of you with one of our Wellbeing and Mindfulness experiences.

Our busy lives rarely give us an opportunity for self-reflection, creativity and mental wellbeing but meditation, mandalas and jewellery design with healing crystals are just some of the experiences you can join to help you live a life for yourself this year.

Mandalas: A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, but has been reintroduced into Western society as a mental healthy tool. Creating mandalas is believe to help stabilize, integrate, and re-order inner life.

Healing Crystals: Crystals are gorgeous minerals are formed underground over thousands of years. They are believed to hold energy due to their chemical structure that can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives. Each crystal is believed to have different energetic properties, so introducing the appropriate healing crystal into your life can bring about a change in your attitude and well-being.

Meditation: Yogis will be familiar with the concept of meditation, which is an approach to training the mind. Many techniques exist and meditation can be used to reduce stress, improve clarity and increase calmness. Meditation can be done anywhere making it the perfect ‘exercise’ for your mind.


mandala-1-600x600 Wellbeing in the New Year
Draw a Mandala for Mindfulness
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Join a Mindfulness Mini Retreat










meditation Wellbeing in the New Year
Learn Meditation for Relaxation
Tree-of-life-1-600x600 Wellbeing in the New Year
Make a Personal Healing Tree of Life