Figurative Sculpture School

I’m a classical figurative Italian sculptor, trained in the classical Arts since the age of 14, my studies based on the human anatomy, history of arts, life drawing and m.I moved in 2000 to London where I furthered my studies under the tutelage of Allan Sly at Wimbledon School of Arts, now University of the Arts London.Since graduation I has been working for Madame Tussauds to the present time, as body and head portrait sculptor, where the knowledge of anatomy and great observation skills are required.I has also worked for different artist and various film productions.​In 2015, I started working along side Allan Sly at University of the Arts London teaching at the Technical Arts and Special Effects course.I have lead the sculpture projects at the Technical Arts and Special Effect course in 2015-16.Here I developed a great passion for teaching. Since then I started working in my own atelier as a private tutor and offering what the universities and school no longer offer; figurative sculpture training.

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