Get Creative: Unique Things to Do and Experiences in London

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Adulting is hard. Swing by a London workshop and let your creativity run wild. London is a playground of creative workshops and unique experiences just waiting for you to try. Here is our definitive list of the best creative things to do in London. For quirky and unique experiences, check out a magical colour changing cocktails class, a graffiti spray-painting workshop or even a short filmmaking session. Play with clay at a pottery making workshop or print your own t-shirt or tote bag.


So, you’ve only remembered to water your house plants in memoriam? Maybe it’s time for you to learn how to make your own terrarium! No gardening skills? No problem! Terrariums are self-sustaining ecosystems, which means that they are strong independent plants who don’t need to be watered (aka totally foolproof). Join a terrarium workshop in London and learn to make your own little urban jungle. We give it two green thumbs up!

Magical Cocktails

Forget the real world and step into an immersive fantasy bar complete with a set of wizards robes. At this unique cocktail masterclass, you will learn how to craft two interactive potions that could bubble, smoke, change colour, or catch fire. Along the journey, you will get to wield any wannabe wizard’s most crucial tool – a magic wand! This wand will give you the power to control the environment around you, with the flick of a wrist pour a pint of our exclusively brewed Cauldron Beer! If you’re looking for fun adult things to do, this charming cocktail masterclass will have you spellbound.


Madame Tussauds or bust! Come and sculpt Michelangelo’s David nose or lips! You’ll learn the basics foundations of sculpting, begin to develop observation skills and understand the underlying anatomy structure. In a London sculpture workshop, work alongside a former Madam Tussauds wax sculpture artist. Come to understand each muscle’s movement, skin texture, shade, tone, and the emotional gestures of the model subject. This observational technique will literally make you see the human body in a new light. Escape for 2 hours and immerse yourself in sculpture.

Life Drawing

Discover a new and incredibly unique life drawing class right here in London. Enter an art class as weird and wonderful as the Mad Hatter’s wildest dreams. This life drawing class is definitely up there with the most unique things to do in London. It’s the perfect experience for eccentric art lovers or adventurous couples exploring quirky date ideas. The combination of industrial UV light and reactive body paints on nude models posing with flamboyant accessories is sure to get your creative juices flowing freely. You can also check out a wider range of life drawing classes popping up across London.

Leather Craft

Discover how to make your own leather wallet in a designer’s central London studio or upcycle reclaimed leather espadrilles from a city farm. Leather crafting is a truly authentic artisan experience that will illuminate how simple yet incredibly rewarding it is to design, stitch and personalise your own leather goods. Choose from one of the many high quality leather crafting workshops, pick your leather, coordinate coloured threads and add your own personal touch by hand stamping initials or short messages onto your bespoke leather creations.

Textile Printing

Fancy yourself a fashion designer? In a highly specialised London print studio, dip your toes into textile printing with a taster session or dive right in with a multi week printmaking course. In these hands-on printing workshops, you will experience the real creative process while creating your design and then dyeing and printing this design onto fabrics.  Whatever the design you chose expert textile printers will be there to guide you through the printing process.

Paper Marbling

Keep the art alive! Come down to Paper marbling workshop and help keep the dying craft alive. If you love playing with paint or getting creative with paper, this workshop is for you! Marbling is one of the most rewarding and fun crafts workshops out there – plus it’s the one art form virtually impossible to get ‘wrong’! Paper marbling is a centuries-old art where paint is floated upon a bath of thickened water and drawn through with various tools to create striking, fluid patterns. At this quirky art workshop, you could find yourself absolutely in love with your marbled paper prints. Why not use transform your print into a notebook at an extra cost on the day?

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Ice Cream Tasting

Remember when you were a kid on the playground and you’d get a rush of adrenaline when all of a sudden you’d hear the familiar ice cream van song? You’d immediately drop what you were doing and seek out these frozen delights. Recreate that childhood bliss of hunting down delicious gelato and ice cream on a London ice cream tasting tour. Explore London’s best gelaterias whilst you are entertained with local stories about about Soho and Covent Garden.

Speciality Coffee Tasting

Did you know that a legendary goat first discovered coffee in Ethiopia? Learn more fascinating facts from a coffee connoisseur that has traveled to Latin America to fully understand and experience coffee culture – and who was also trained by a Champion barista. Not your average Joe. Get a glimpse into the coffee journey from bean to cup, and from farmer, to roaster and finally to barista. At the end of the coffee workshop you’ll get to test your knowledge in a blind coffee tasting, which will be paired with bites/snacks that enhances the notes of the coffee.

Pottery Making Classes

Unleash your POTential and get creative with clay! Throw down some great pots, plates, or bowls on the pottery wheel at a throwing class. Hand build vases and mugs with care at a taster session. If you really want to level up your pottery game hop on to a beginner’s multi week pottery course. If decorating is more your flavour, we’ve got great painting and glazing worships where you can paint your own pottery tie your hearts content! Paint pottery in one hand and sip a glass of bubbly on the other at a Paint Pottery and BYOB class.