How does it work?

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

Permanent brick and mortar retailers are eligible, at our discretion, for 60 Day payments. For e-commerce buyers or temporary retail locations, account limits are assessed based on your trading history with us.

How do I use my account limits?

You can shop and simply complete your preferred payment method at checkout. We will not charge you until your invoice is due.

Can I pay my invoices before due date?

Yes, if you’d like to pay off your invoices sooner you can do so. Paying your invoices before your due date lets you add back the limit you used before.

Do I need to use all my trade account limits in one order?

No, you can use your account limits in different orders. If you used a partial amount of your account limit, you can use the remaining credit for your next order. Remember, if you pay sooner you will be able to add back the limit you used before.

How can I apply for an increase to my account limit?

You can apply for an additional limit increase at any time. We base the limits we provide on your current business information, with the goal of extending the right limit for your buying needs.