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CREOATE is on a mission to make wholesale work for independents. Our community is made of the small, unique and independent businesses that make retail and wholesale so special. 

Our small UK-based team grew up around the world in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, US, France, India and beyond! We were born and raised in local communities and watched friends and families grow their small businesses. Shop local is the norm for us and we’re on a mission to help small business communities to thrive.

All your wholesale needs under one roof

Sourcing unique treasures for customers is part of the fun, but no easy task. With an increasingly digital world, it makes finding the rare, one-of-a-kind, hard to find pieces that aren’t available anywhere else…. well, hard to find!

We use technology to allow the smallest, sole proprietor wholesaler to display their offering and find a new home in a retailer across the world. From homewares and gifting, to fashion and food, we provide a platform for trade between wholesalers and retailers of all shapes and sizes. With simple tools, communication and security of trading through the platform, there is no limit to your wholesale or retail ambitions.

Values matter

Selling products is about more than turning over inventory. When retailers and Wholesalers are aligned in their values and missions, whether it’s reducing plastic waste, supporting gender and ethnic diversity, or sharing common family values, they reach the same customers that care about these values around the world. 

We make it easy to shop by the values that matter to you and customers, such as eco friendly products, minority owned businesses, locally manufactured, handmade and much more.

Shop small, think global

International wholesale and retail is more complex than ever, especially for small businesses, adding extra paperwork and costs. But that shouldn’t limit your ambitions!

Our growing family of retailers and wholesalers are across the UK, Europe, US, Canada and beyond! We do our best to make trading internationally easy and stress free with our international tools and resources for both Retailers and Wholesalers.

"Helping independent businesses reclaim the supply chain from global giants"

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"Creoate's UK retailer network has 4.5x more locations than Boots, Marks and Spencer and John Lewis combined"

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"This advanced platform is being adopted at an exponential rate"

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