The Most Thoughtful Christmas Gift For Her

Two hands holding a present

Shopping for Christmas gift for her? We’ve got a unique selection of London workshops and experiences to help keep the special lady in your life smiling! With our class she can learn to be a butcher, a baker and or candle stick maker and more! Give the gift of an unforgettable experiences this Christmas.

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Candle and pinecones
1. Craft a Christmas Candle

Don’t you love the smell of Christmas? The intoxicating blends of cinnamon, fir trees, a crackling fire and ginger biscuits. Ever thought of capturing this scent in a candle?Gift this soy candle making workshop and she’ll enjoy a relaxing session of blending scents, hand pouring wax into interesting and artistic moulds.

2. Tap Into Her Creative Pot-ential with a Ceramics Class

Express your love this Christmas by giving her the gift of pottery! Pottery is a wonderful way to relax and unwind whilst creating something unique and long lasting. She’ll learn how to hand build mugs, bowls and more. She’ll end the workshop with a whirl on the pottery wheel. This is the trickiest but definitely the most rewarding part of the experience.

3. Keep it Light hearted with a Lampshade Design Class

Channel all her creative energy into a bespoke Lampshade designing class. She’ll learn to select snip, tear and stick paper into collage template. She’ll then construct her lampshade using unique wheels. She’ll bring home a stunning lampshade and the priceless experience of hand making it.

4. Gift A Unique Hat Making Experience

Know someone who jumps at the opportunity to wear a hats or fascinators? This might be the perfect Christmas gift for her! She’ll experiment with sinamay straw, feathers, veiling and more embellishments to create her head turning masterpiece.

5. Gift her a Mini Jungle 

Give her a chance to make her own low maintenance terrariums to decorate her home or office. Terrariums are self sufficient self watering plants enclosed in glass containers  They are the perfect first timer plants as need very little light and are self-watering, so they will survive the most notorious plant killers.

6. Learn Calligraphy

Calligraphy is such a versatile skill, once you’ve learned the basics you can use your new found talent for birthday cards, hand written letters, wedding stationary, wall art and more! Learning Calligraphy starts with learning to ‘draw’ each letter and then eventually developing your own hand writing style. Being creative also has meditative and mindful benefits. Gift her a calligraphy class this Christmas and you may even receive a beautiful written thank you card in return.