The Feminist Edit Part 2 | Female Led Creative Studios and Workshops

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In Part II of our Feminist Edit (you can start with Part I here), we’re sharing some of our favourite fearless women who have taken risks, changed careers and are sharing creativity with their world through their events and experiences businesses. We champion creativity and female owned brands, so in this edit we’ve picked three studios that you can check out to get a creative fix and support other women making their dreams come true!

Pottery-Wheel-London-Female-Led-Studio-740x416 The Feminist Edit Part 2 | Female Led Creative Studios and WorkshopsFemale led, doesn’t mean anti-man, which is why we love this first studio in London Bridge run by wife and husband team Jos and Jing. Jing, originally a designer, decided to spread her love of all things creative and opened the studio in 2012. The studio hosts all types of creative workshops, but the crowd favourite is pottery throwing. Groups of friends come from all over London and the UK to get their hands dirty and learn the basics of pottery making from professional tutors. Spaces book up pretty far in advance, so get your friends on board and book now for your next hang out!


Paint-Pottery-Female-Led-Studio-740x416 The Feminist Edit Part 2 | Female Led Creative Studios and Workshops

What happens when two finance professionals grow bored from the lack of creativity in their work life and decide to start their own, more fulfilling business? You get all of the colour pops, geometric shapes, painting, drawing and creativity you can imagine in one studio. Diana is one of half of the team behind dozens of monthly workshops spread across two M.Y.O studios in London. The workshops here are aimed at all levels, because Diana and co-founder Sam both claim to have been less comfortable with their creative and artistic abilities when they first started out. But there is no judging in this safe creative space, because art is whatever you want it to be! The top pick for this studio is the ceramic painting, which allows you to bring your own beverage of choice and paint any piece of pottery to create something truly unique. 


Ring-Making-Workshop-London-Female-Led-Studio-740x416 The Feminist Edit Part 2 | Female Led Creative Studios and Workshops

Want to learn to make your own precious jewellery? Because of course you’re worth it! While there are now many women working as gold and silversmiths today, this was not always the case. Until the late 17th century, women made up a minority of the metalworkers until demand for silver increased during these later times. Even then, women were not the front and centre of these businesses as they are today – often wives, daughters and other relatives were brought into the family business. But this dedicated metalsmithing and silver jewellery studio run by Arden in SE London is one such studio that is ruled by women. 


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