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Plant Food
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Plant Food

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Feeding your HOUSEPLANTS just got a whole lot Easier and a lot more Eco-Friendly! Instant Plant Food houseplant fertilizer tablets are conveniently packaged, pre-portioned, and odorless. Just drop a tablet in a watering can or glass of water and feed your plants with the solution. No measuring. No Mixing. No Mess. Easy add-on with any plant purchase. Makes a great gift. Beautiful branding and eco-friendly company values. Perfect inventory for any plant shop, florist, grocer, or retailer selling indoor plants. Give your plant customers an opportunity to get the nutrients their plants need to thrive and increase your average checkout amount with Instant Plant Food.

10% OFFInstant Plant Food (4 Tablets) Pack of 25

Instant Plant Food (4 Tablets) Pack of 25

10% OFFPlant Food

Plant Food

10% OFFFertilizer


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