Discover London With A Street Photography Session


6 hours
Guidance Provided. Bring A Digital Slr, Bridge Or Compact Camera
All Levels

The Experience

This one day course is suitable for all levels of photographers and aims to introduce the practice of Street Photography in a fun and immersive way. It is concerned with improving the personal work that all participants are making and increasing the chances of a successful hunt!

In the classroom, the group will talk about optimum camera setups, how to interact with subjects and legal rights. You will look at the work of masters of street photography, discuss how they got their shots and what lead them to such brilliant subjects. Also covered is looking at how street photographers have reflected their times and reinvigorated its limits.

Street photography allows the opportunity to develop the eye so there will be a practical session followed by a critique of work produced and suggestions for how to keep improving and ways to iron out problems.

Good to Know

The focus of this course is not technical ability but on developing the creative side of your photography.

Course Content:

In the office

  • Street photography as an expression of your personality: A look at the masters
  • Camera setups and lenses
  • How to act in the street and what your legal rights are
  • Methods to discover and hone your instincts

On the street

  • What do street photographers see that others don’t
  • How to shoot people without feeling intimidated
  • Practical advice as you shoot
  • The where and when of street photography

Back in the office:

  • Review of participants’ photographs from the day with guidance on how to improve and where to go to keep getting your pictures


Digital SLR Camera / Bridge Camera / Compact

If you don’t have your own Digital SLR camera then there’s no need to worry. You can hire one of ours for £15 per day.

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Discover London With A Street Photography Session

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