Marble Your Own Christmas Bauble


2 hours
Guidance, Materials, Tools
All Levels

If you love playing with paint or getting creative with paper, this workshop is for you. Marbling is one of the most rewarding and fun crafts out there – plus it's virtually impossible to do it 'wrong'!

During this two-hour workshop, you will be given a thorough introduction to the beautiful art of marbling, including a brief history, the technical 'do's and 'don't's, and a lot of trying it out!

You'll leave the class with some of your own baubles to decorate your tree – made from a variety of mediums such as paper mache and ceramic. Perfect to decorate your tree or give as an extra special hand made gift!

Good to Know

Paper marbling is a centuries-old art where paint is floated upon a bath of thickened water and drawn through with various tools to create striking, fluid patterns. You will learn how to make thickened water, how to prepare paper for marbling, how to control the behaviour of the paints and how to create all kinds of patterns.

Contemporary paper marbler Lucy McGrath will demonstrate various techniques and talk you through how to recreate them yourself, providing all the tools, equipment and materials you might need to get really experimental. Marbling is great fun but super messy so make sure you wear old clothes (and shoes)! You don't need to bring anything except a healthy dose of creativity.

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Marble Your Own Christmas Bauble

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