Make a Tree of Life with Healing Crystals


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A symbol of abundance and luck, the Tree of Life with healing crystals has the origins in Feng Shui Chinese tradition. The crystals in the tree have their own energy and meaning and they help you achieve prosperity, health, love, success, and balance in life.

The Tree of Life is a worldwide sacred symbol and concept that you find in all cultures and philosophies, having similar meanings. It is believed that the Tree of Life connects all forms of life on earth, being the link between the physical and spiritual world. It represents the infinite cycle of life, the ancient wisdom, and the spiritual enlightenment.

Imagine how powerful is a crystal tree that you create for yourself, you invest it with your intentions and wishes, you choose the crystals that represent your goals and carefully create the branches, the crown, and the roots.

These are the symbols and powers of these crystals and how they help you manifest the things you want to achieve in life:
  • Rose quartz for love, inner peace, and self-worth
  • Green Aventurine for heart healing, inner harmony, and calm
  • Amethyst for protection, healing, stress-relief, meditation
  • Citrine for abundance, success and personal power
  • Garnet for travelling, calming and emotional healing
The workshop will take place each month under the new moon energy to help you manifesting to attract in your life all the good things that you dream to achieve.

Your host Amelia is a jewellery artist and a healer who loves to share her ideas with other people, transforming the creative process in the art of healing and rebirth. Amelia will be there guiding you in creating the tree and choose the crystals for your goals and wishes. She recommends you to follow your intuition and choose the crystals that attract you the most, it's always a reason behind this, you may need the energy of that crystal even if sometimes you don't realise it.
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Make a Tree of Life with Healing Crystals

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