Learn Perfect French Macarons


2.5 hours
All Ingredients, Materials And Guidance
All Levels
Beautiful macarons are all the rage these days, the light and airy meringue-like cookies adorning bakery windows around the country. If you’d like to learn how to make perfect French macarons, our course will send you straight to the top of the class.

Our hands-on, chef-led macaron making class will show you how to mix the perfect batter, alongside the art of colouring and best piping techniques. You’ll create different colours, then whisk your batch straight from the oven, decorate and take home your creations to impress your family and friends.

Once mastered, you can make these classic favourites again and again!

  • Delicious Multi-Coloured and Flavoured Macarons
Skills Learned
  • Baking Techniques
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Using Piping Bags
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Address: Studio 8, The Islington Studios 6 Hornsey Street, Islington, London, N7 8GR

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Learn Perfect French Macarons

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