Learn to Draw Landscapes at The Courtauld Gallery


7 hours
All Materials And Guidance. The Courtauld Gallery Entry Fee Not Included (£7)
All Levels

Working from the landscape paintings in the Courthauld Gallery, this course will demystify and the explain the processes and techniques involved in creating pleasing compositions and giving the illusion of depth depth in the rendering of mainly naturalistic landscape paintings and drawings.

Through explanation and demonstrations and your own attempts you will come to understand the power of techniques such as overlapping forms, layering, using diminishing sizes and converging and leading lines in the composition of great landscapes.

This is a full colour courses and you will have access to and full explanations and demonstrations how to use a range of good quality materials such as pastel pencils, water soluble coloured pencils, water brushes and intense water soluble pastels.

As usual the day will start at 10.15 inside the Courthauld Gallery and finish at 5.15.

There is abreak for lunch between 1.15 and 2.15.

All materials and stools are provided except Sketchbooks. Please bring your own A3 Sketchbook for use during the day.

Please note that The Courtauld Gallery charges an entry fee of £7 that you will need to pay on the day. This charge is not included in the price of our course. This is the only gallery we work in that charges an entry fee.


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Address: The Courthauld Gallery, Somerset House Strand London, WC2R 0RN
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Learn to Draw Landscapes at The Courtauld Gallery

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