Flavour, Fill and Shape Your Own Artisan Sausages


2.5 hours
All Ingredients, Materials And Guidance
All Levels
The humble sausage is a stalwart of British cuisine but finding a top-notch example can be a struggle. Banish sad supermarket sausages forever as you learn how to create your own fantastically flavourful creations!

You’ll be introduced to sausages from around the globe and will watch a demonstration of various techniques. Using only the best fresh ingredients, you’ll create flavour combinations that pack a punch. You’ll get to mix the fillings and shape them, ready to cook to sausage perfection.

To round off the course, you will walk away with more than enough to share with family & friends.

Good to Know

You will create a variety of sausage types, including Toulouse Sausages, Hot Italian Sausages and Merguez Sausages.

You will learn all of the skills necessary to recreate sausages at home, such as how to create your sausage mix, balancing of flavour and spice, filling, linking and finally, cooking!
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Address: Studio 8, The Islington Studios 6 Hornsey Street, Islington, London, N7 8GR

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Flavour, Fill and Shape Your Own Artisan Sausages

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