Make Collage Art in a Secret Venue


1.5 hours

Using vintage portraits, you will give a brand new life and create a modern twist to these forgotten memories. Learn the art of paper collage from a professional collage artist and techniques to manipulate images, beautiful papers and other colourful materials to create a paper artwork.

Good to Know

Over 1.5 hours, you will be taught various processes and techniques for manipulating images and incorporating other materials such as tape, stickers and pens, to rework your choosen vintage photographs and postcards into an original art piece. You are also encouraged to bring your own photographs and memories to customise as well.

You will have full creative freedom to cut, stick, draw and experiment to create unique paper design artwork in this experience that is perfect for any experience level, whether you are new to collage art or have tried it in the past.

The Venue

This exclusive experience will be hosted in a secret venue in the Old Street/Shoreditch area, details of which will be provided 48 hours before the event. The venue has a deep connection with the local creative community and we are excited to present this beautiful setting for what promises to be a truly memorable experience.

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Address: Shoreditch High Street
Sold By: Naomi Vona

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Make Collage Art in a Secret Venue

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