Pottery Painting in London

3 girls holding ceramics

Are you looking for pottery painting classes near you? Then check out the best pottery painting London has to offer. Paint on a range of pottery choose from mugs, bowls, plates or ornaments in unique studios in all over of London. 

3 girls holding ceramics

Paint Ceramics with BYOB
Peckham Levels

What is more creative than building a craft studio in a South East London multi-storey car park? Hosting a pottery painting class thats BYOB! Express your artistic side with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a paint brush in the other. Unwind as you paint ceramic mugs, bowls, plates, tiles or ornaments. Choose up to 2 small ceramic pieces or challenge yourself to 1 large item.

Your enthusiastic hosts and happy couple, Diane and Sam, will be on hand with a selection of patterns and designs to inspire and prompt your imagination. The greatest part of this pottery painting London workshop is that there is no wrong or right way to go about it. You could opt for a multi coloured bowl, a plate commemorating a special date or even a mug with a rude joke written on it. Once you’re happy with your piece these will be fired and glazed and ready for you to pick up in 7-12 days.

You’ll also get a quick tour around the creative studio where you can scout out your next craft projects, this could be decoupage, badge baking, water colour, lino printing. So pick this workshop and let’s get the paints, drinks and creativity flowing!

Paint & Decorate a Pottery Clay Plate

Escape the chaos of the city and enter a South West London arts and crafts oasis. This Fulham studio is bursting with inspiration, it’s walls are stacked with pottery moulds, bath bombs, candle making kits, bundles of yarn and a rainbow of painting materials to inspire your next craft project.

Studio founders and happily married couple Jing and Jos will guide you through the steps of painting with ceramic plates. Helping you decide which patterns or colour combinations to try out. Not only is pottery painting an amazing creative outlet but it is also very relaxing. As you paint your ceramics dishes you might begin to feel yourself entering a mindful and meditative state. This creative zone can make time seem infinite. So if you want to experience the feeling of stopping time then check out this pottery painting London workshop!

Create & Paint Your Own Pinch Pots

So you enjoyed painting ceramic mugs and plates but you’d like to venture out and explore other areas of pottery. The next step is to begin creating your own ceramics from scratch. Your tutors will guid you on how to shape it, smooth it and then finally paint your design. This 3 week course will leave you with 3 totally unique pinch pots of all shapes and sizes.

The pinch pot technique is a great starting place for beginners. In your first session you’ll be using just your hands you’ll shape and smooth the clay into unique forms. You may choose to hand build a small jewellery dish, a egg cup, a milk saucer or a plant pot. Or you might take a trip on the more adventurous side  and create a series pot with naked breasts on them! More power to you!

By your second session the clay will have dried and now you will have the chance to smooth out any rough edges or bumps. Your last session is where you’ll get creative with a paints to bring your ceramic pieces to life. You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that you have created 3 unique pinch pots from piles of earthenware clay. These pots make wonderful editions to your home, office or as heart felt gifts to loved ones. 

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