How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single AF

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tenor How to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single AF

No pity parties!

In the words of the fabulous  Ru Paul, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are love somebody else?”. So this Valentine’s Day 2019, pamper and spoil the most important person in your life – you!

Being your own valentine means you get to do what ever and how ever you like!  When you’re single you an go all out or stay in, treat yourself to a 5 course meal or kick back with your favourite take-away, hit the town with your best friends or treat yourself to a spa day. Here are our favourite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single!

1. Self-love Spa Day

Finally dig out those face masks you’ve been dying to use since Christmas and run yourself a luxurious bubble bath, complete with aromatherapy oils or soaks. To really get a vibe going, put on an ambient playlist, dim the lights and light a few scented candles. 

2. Get lost in an Experiential London Bar

Explore a different kind of fantasy this Single’s Valentine’s Day. Enter an immersive magical cocktail making class at The Cauldron . You’ll don mage robes, wield wands and conjure up colour changing cocktails in a bubbling cauldron. Or head to the newly opened Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration where their innovative mixology machine will serve up the most exotic drinks for you to sample from inside a  train carriage.

3. Flex Your Culinary Muscles

No endless debates on ‘what should we have for dinner’ this Valentine’s Day. Prepare and indulge your dream menu, and don’t forget to pair it with favourite bottle of wine. 

4.Pick Out the Perfect Bouquet at Columbia Road Market

You know who knows you best? You. This Sunday, head east for London’s most picturesque botanical market. Because you don’t need to wait for someone else to buy yourself flowers.

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5. Green Up Your Gaff

What’s better than bringing home a guy/girl? Bringing home a dreamy green companion! Our plants will brighten up your place and purify your air – grow ahead and check out our faves!

6. Get in Girl, you’re taking yourself shopping!

You don’t need a man, woman or significant other to dress up for. Buy that little black dress you’ve been stalking online for the last month. Splurge on a new statement jacket, pair of pumps or a new wallet!


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7. Buy Yourself fine jewellery

Jewellery is symbolic. It signifies love and commitment and often tells a story. This Single’s Valentine’s Day, rewrite the romantic narrative and commit to learning to fully love yourself first. Splurge on that pair or earrings or bracelet and learn to celebrate you –  your successes, your goals and your aspirations.

8. Curl up with a New Book

Dig your teeth into a Agatha Christie Classic or dip back into the Fifty Shades Series or flip through some of our fresh and fun feminist titles. 

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How To Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings 


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Our mantra this Single’s Valentine’s Day is the person you’re going to love for the rest of your life is you. And this shouldn’t matter if you’re single, dating, or married. You should experience the joy of being you’re own Valentine. By practicing self-love this Valentine’s day you spread and invite more love into your life.

“The Most Exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well that’s just fabulous.” – Carrie Bradshaw