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Looking for eco friendly wholesale candles to stock in your store or e-commerce business? Many consumers are more educated on the dangers and toxins that traditional paraffin wax candles present for their home so are searching for non toxic alternatives. But the eco friendly hunt doesn’t have to stop there, by also sourcing candles using eco friendly packaging and containers that can be used long after the fragrances fade away. Knowing all of the elements that go into the candle making process will help you source responsibly and also source products that your customers crave.

By stocking candles from an independent wholesale supplier, you can be sure that the quality has not been comprised and only the finest, eco friendly ingredients have been used. With simple online catalogues, one click ordering and pre negotiated payment terms, you can focus on finding the right wholesale products for your store quickly and easily.

Eco Friendly Wholesale Candles in Reusable Jars

Glass is not only a beautiful way to display candles, allowing the flame light to shine through, but they are eco friendly and can easily be reused. Amber coloured jars have become very popular, not only for candles but also other home cleaning essentials such as hand soaps, detergents and food storage. Clear options are also widely available if your aesthetic is light, bright and clean. Artisanal handmade wholesale candles are made in small batches and guaranteed to be unique to your store.


Soy Wax Alternatives

Most eco candles are made from soy wax, but there are other alternatives such as the rapeseed wax candles by Elate & Co or the coconut wax candles by Vanilla Blanc. Researching the pros and cons of different wax types means you will be able to explain the benefits to your customers and offer a unique product they might not be able to find elsewhere.


Eco Friendly Wholesale Candles for Gift Baskets

Mini or travel sized candles can be an affordable alternative to full size candles. If you are looking to combine many products into a gift basket or care package, these smaller versions are a great addition to your assortment. When Christmas and the holidays come around, with an RRP under £10 they also make affordable Secret Santa gifts or stocking filler ideas. For some travel size candle inspiration, check out Elm Road .

eco friendly wholesale candles travel sized

All Natural Wholesale Candles with Essential Oils

While not strictly required for a candle to be eco friendly, many customers will prefer the use of essential oils which have the added aromatherapy and wellbeing benefits. Essential oils are great for more traditional scents, but can be more expensive for your supplier. If you choose to source candles with essential oils make sure this added luxury is apparent in the packaging and in your display and sales pitch. If you are looking for an all natural home fragrance brand, check out Essence of Hartland with their candles and wholesale diffusers that are inspired by nature.


wholesale diffuser rain scented

If you’d like to see more, shop the entire range of wholesale scented candles and sign up as a buyer today today to unlock wholesale prices.

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