CREOATE Is Changing The Face of Retail – Independent Female Brands

Creoate Female Founders Panel

About the CREOATE Store

We are building a network of retail stores tailor made for women who cherish and support creativity, and have the ambitions to build global businesses. Our stores are spaces which empower and give a voice to female led brands which are great in the online world but need that little bit of help in tapping the offline world – still the largest commerce channel in retail. We believe in creating a destination where no one day feels the same, a space for community, memorable experiences and discovery. 

Why choose only female led brands?

We are a female led business, founded by our own experience of working in the male dominated world of finance to pursue a more fulfilling creative path. While there is no shortage of female led businesses in the UK and across the world,  it is so important to build the infrastructure and provide a platform to empower and champion other women, helping these businesses become champions at a large scale.  Forbes magazine reports that only 1 in 5 small businesses are led by women, and there is countless research showing female founders are less likely to receive funding  unlike their male counterparts who are 80% more likely to secure VC funding and 56% more likely to secure an angel investor. On top of this bias, women have to constantly overcome prejudice based on their sex. We dont think women alone should be part of this movement, and so while we are focusing on where we are needed the most, we welcome all businesses where women lead and are meaningful in key decision making areas. By working together can we create everlasting change. 

How does CREOATE create change?

CREOATE hopes to empower women led businesses by giving them access to and the support from our expansive network. We have cultivated an incredible community of creators, designers, writers, investors and entrepreneurs that offer advise, resources and support. This January we hosted a three part series of Female Founder events where we focused on all aspects of being a woman in business. Through our events we are helping to inspire, nurture and connect with up and coming female brands and businesses. Our featured panellists have spoken on key topics such as the challenges of starting your own business, the power of marketing and the changes in modern marketing and journalism, and we can’t wait to bring many many more events to support our amazing community.

A lot of retailers offer ‘immersive’ or ‘experiential’ services, what makes CREOATE different?

So CREOATE started as a unique experiences discovery and booking platform where curious Londoners and travellers from around the world could discover the best of London’s art classes, fashion workshops, pottery studios and create memorable experiences. After years of hard work and sheer never give up attitude, we’ve created a community of artisans and brands who are passionate about sharing their craft and unique creations, and we connect them millions of people online on our website. Unlike other high st retailers who offer shoe customisations or have flashing lights and call their store experiential, we live and breathe experiences. Creativity and meaningful experiences are at the core of our mission, and that’s why customers can shop our luxury scented candles and then join us for an in depth introduction to luxury soy candle making through an artisan led workshop, right here in our store and across many independent studios across London. It’s this constantly changing variety of workshops ranging from floristry, leather crafting, life painting and female founders business networking mixers which can be easily booked on our site and attended in store that really sets us apart.