Create Natural Skincare and Beauty Products

two spoons bath salts


Natural skincare blossomed onto the scene a few years ago, as people are learning more about the harmful chemicals they are choosing to put on their skin.The best part about creating your own natural skincare and organic products is that you know exactly what goes into them. You handpick from organic and luxurious ingredients to create your very own natural skincare and make up products. So if you’re a hard core natural beauty lover or just want to revamp your skincare routine then check out these natural product making workshops!

Enjoy a Organic Soy Candle Making Class

Did you know that commercial wax use petroleum based candles, the same harmful chemicals found in car petrol? This explains why conventional candles leave a trail of black smoke when they are burned. The amazing alternative is organic sox wax candles which are made with out harmful pollutants. At our upcoming workshop, you can learn the intricate art of candle making using organic and natural soy wax. You will craft two beautifully scented candles to enjoy at your home, office or as gift to a loved one. Choose from a wide range of scents to create your own unique blend. To help reduce waste, why not to bring an old glass container to pour your candle in to?

Design Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Can you believe that on average we use around 7 pounds of lipstick in our entire lives.  Buying from large scale commercial make up brands can lead to tons of waste, environment damage and cruel animal testing. Make a change and join the natural skincare and beauty movement. At this unique lipstick making workshop you can hand-make your very own natural, edible and cruelty-free lipstick. You’ll never have to stress over  finding the right shade in store when you can  learn to blend your own signature highly pigmented colour.  Also you feel even better knowing you’re using the only best natural products. All of which are vegan, cruelty free and do not pollute the environment.

Try Natural Cold Pressed Soap Making (On A Boat)

Explore blending your own bespoke scented soaps on a Regents Canal Boat.  Personalise your soaps by adding vibrant colours, textures and decorations with natural ingredients like herbs, flower petals, foraged essential oils and pure coconut oil. Then take home your natural skincare products to indulge in and enjoy at home!