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    Salthouse & Peppermongers

    UK | Min Order: £ 200

    At Salthouse Peppermongers we’re all about flavour. Big flavour and few ingredients. We want to keep your shopping list as..

    Kuka Coffee

    UK | Min Order: £ 80

    Ethical, community led coffee. All our products are plant based and have no preservatives or anything artificial. We produce our..

    Bear Kombucha

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    At Bear Kombucha we offer a perfectly balanced selection of our fermented tea. We've found the right balance to create..

    Nipper & Co

    UK | Min Order: £ 50

    Nipper&Co is made to bring you tasty teas that are good for you, good for the environment and good for..


    Bristol, UK | Min Order: £ 60

    Vegan - 100% Recyclable Packaging - No Refined Sugar. A long time ago, in a land before tasty accessible vegan..

    Luisas Vegan Chocolate

    UK | Min Order: £ 75

    All our chocolates are made with 100% natural ingredients in line with the healthy Paleo diet, which can be enjoyed..


    France | Min Order: £ 100

    BAMBOOJU, bamboo straws, eco-friendly, eco-trendy, reusable, and practical. Our planet needs our little gestures more than ever. Even better than..

    Nims Fruit Crisps

    UK | Min Order: £ 70

    The One Ingredient Crisp Company. Made in Kent using British fruit. We use a unique air-drying technique to preserve the..

    Burren Balsamic

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Our Vinegars are made from all locally sourced fruits. Flavours include Bramley apple, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and strawberry and mint...

    Chantler Teas

    UK | Min Order: £ 50

    Based in Pembrokeshire selling ethically sourced high quality leaf & herbal teas from around the world. We also blend our..

    No Sugar No Salt

    UK | Min Order: £ 100


    Marvellous Superfood

    Tregaron, UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Marvellous Superfood is a true family business, run by three sisters in the green valleys of west Wales. We are..

    Raw Gorilla

    UK | Min Order: £ 100

    Raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo, containing nothing refined, no additives or preservatives or colours (obviously), with a hand-made feeling, organic..


    UK | Min Order: £ 50

    VEGAN GLUTEN FREE 100% NATURAL Cashews ethically sourced from Tanzania, products hand crafted in the UK Cajuu is family owned..

    Abakus Foods

    UK | Min Order: £ 50

    Abakus Foods helps people discover and harness the power of natural foods. This London-based health food start-up was launched in..


    UK | Min Order: £ 50

    Purition is all about ‘real food.’ It’s made without compromise in small thoughtful batches using best-in-class ingredients from trusted farming..

    The Barista Cup

    UK | Min Order: £ 75

    The Barista Cup is a movement to help decrease the burden of the coffee industry, and thus decrease the need..

    Boost Ball

    UK | Min Order: £ 50

    A scrumptious, protein packed, ball of goodness! 4 flavours each using just 7 natural ingredients. We believe in keeping things..

    Spice Pots

    Haddington, UK | Min Order: £ 100

    We provide 100% natural, perfectly blended spices and simple recipes so that you can create consistently delicious Indian-inspired dishes at..

    Sweet Revolution

    Wetherby, UK | Min Order: £ 25


    Organic, vegan and free from Superblend Lattes. Our superblend lattes couldn’t be easier to make: blend with either milk or..

    Curtice Brothers

    UK | Min Order: £ 75

    Since 1868 Our 100% organic ketchup and pasta sauce are hand cooked using fresh tomatoes and ingredients grown by farmers..

    Lotus Bites

    UK | Min Order: £ 75

    Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Dairy and Gluten free. Lotus Bites are roasted lotus seeds seasoned with nutritionally rich natural..

    Elviras Secret Pantry

    London, UK | Min Order: £ 100


    Gluten free, dairy free and yeast free, as well as vegan artisan food products. Elvira’s Secret Pantry, a free-from artisan..

    Cricke Food

    UK | Min Order: £ 75

    At Crické, our Italian chef use a fine cricket powder which adds a smooth nutty flavor to our products. Our..