• Amanda West

    Devon, UK

    Devon, UK | £50 minimum

    Hello, and welcome to my world of colour and texture! I live on the South West coast of Devon in the UK with my partner, ...
  • Ararose Clothing

    London, UK

    London, UK | £75 minimum


    Established in 2017 by two sisters in London, our vision is to create collections inspired by different travel vibes arou...

    London, UK

    London, UK | £50 minimum

    AVAAYA (definition) THE DESTINATION OF CHIC Established in 2014 AVAAYA is a fashion brand, brought to life by founder Amr...
  • Ayadee


    USA | £150 minimum

    We are not perfect and that’s the beauty of it. Our imperfections make us who we are. And nurturing this part of us, ...
  • Betty Hula

    Harrogate, UK

    Harrogate, UK | £150 minimum


    At Betty Hula we believe in honest, natural skincare. All of our products have been carefully handmade in the UK using tr...
  • Bio Scents


    Portugal | £100 minimum

    Based in the south of Portugal, Bio Scents offers a range of high quality fragrance products for home ...

  • Bowe Organics


    UK | £150 minimum


    Award winning natural and organic cosmetics registered with the vegan society. BOWE ORGANICS was founded by Diane Bowe, a...
  • Brickwalls and Barricades


    Netherlands | £425 minimum

    Hi there, I’m Ramona, founder of Brickwalls and Barricades. I’ve been working with leather for my entire life, but af...
  • Chelsea Noir

    London, UK

    London, UK | £150 minimum

    Chelsea Noir heritage and identity is in the British design of each and every bag, our inspiration and passion for our br...
  • Cobalt Hill

    London, UK

    London, UK | £50 minimum

    Hello! My name's Claire and I'm the one woman band behind Cobalt Hill. I'm a 3D designer day to day and Cobalt Hill...
  • Dearest Fannie

    London, UK

    London, UK | £50 minimum

    We are so proud to bring to you our Dearest Fannie. A business built by two sisters based on the question; Why can’t su...
  • Dimbleby Ceramics

    Stoke on Trent, UK

    Stoke on Trent, UK | £100 minimum

    Mathew and Rachel Dimbleby are inspired by their passion for ceramic design and painting. Having both grown up in Stoke-o...
  • Disco Dust London

    London, UK

    London, UK | £200 minimum


    Inspiring you to create,  be free and have fun no matter who you are...*   *...and yes, our glitter is eco, vegan a...
  • Dog With a Mission


    Netherlands | £125 minimum

    When it comes to dog collars, leashes, and other accessories offered at chain stores, it can be hard to find anything tha...
  • Doodle Moo

    Redhill, UK

    Redhill, UK | £150 minimum


    Doodlemoo is the creative mix of an illustrator-graphic designer (with an MA from Central St Martins) and a fine artist-i...
  • Eco Glitter Fun


    UK | £150 minimum

    Eco Glitter fun was born from two fun loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic po...
  • Elan Skincare

    London, UK

    London, UK | £50 minimum

    Skin transforming, ethical beauty, made in England. Inspired by art, nourished by nature, rooted in sci...

  • Emma Warren



    An independent brand creating embroidered pieces we hope you will love as much as we do. We are a small team made up of ...
  • Faro Home

    Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

    Sudbury, Suffolk, UK | £400 minimum


    FARO HOME is the result of the shared passion of two sisters, Farheen and Ozma. Farheen is an entrepreneur with 25 years'...
  • FifthandNinth

    Rhode Island, USA

    Rhode Island, USA | £100 minimum

  • Fulfilled

    London, UK

    London, UK

    At Fulfilled, we believe in products that are for good, inside and out. We’ve been left uninspired by existing ‘...
  • GuanAnAn London


    UK | £95 minimum


    Graduating from Glasgow School of Art as an international student, our Design Director Ju Guan is destined for a life of ...
  • Hind Adib

    London, UK

    London, UK

    HIND ADIB is a unisex street wear brand that focuses on bre...

  • Home County Candle Co.


    UK | £100 minimum


    The Home County Candle Co. is a luxury home fragrance brand founded by owners Hannah and Oli in 2018. Having grown up in ...
  • House of Wonderland

    Yorkshire, UK

    Yorkshire, UK | £50 minimum

    We offer a range of on trend, happy, illustrated goodies including enamel pins, nail transfers, tote bags and more! Run b...
  • Inner Senses

    Manchester, UK

    Manchester, UK | £350 minimum


    Multi award-winning Inner Senses specialise in the purest, highest quality Aromatherapy products. Founded by Aromatherapi...
  • Joji

    London, UK

    London, UK


    Jo Mortensen has founded Joji as a force for good in the beauty industry. Joji strives to be a beautiful example of susta...
  • Kalilo

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm, Sweden | £250 minimum


    We are a slow fashion brand born in Sweden with a passion for simple, chic & minimal style that will last for years t...
  • Katie Putt

    London, UK

    London, UK | £175 minimum

    Katie Putt's illustrations focus on discovery and the excitement that comes from learning something new. The theme of dis...
  • Kera London

    London, UK

    London, UK

    Heyyyy! I'm Anu. Kera was inspired by my childhood, growing up in the beautiful state of Kerala in southern India surrou...
  • Kles

    Bristol, UK

    Bristol, UK | £150 minimum


    Klès (pronounced "k-less") is a women’s accessories brand specialising in hand-crafted handbags and small leather good...
  • Ksana

    London, UK

    London, UK

    Founded by Claire, Ksana watches are well-designed and timeless yet fun. The name Ksana is derived from the Buddhist perc...
  • Label of Elements


    Netherlands | £65 minimum

    Label of the Elements city prints, birth prints and baby gifts are made by the Lab Dads. ​The Lab Dads are two Dutch g...
  • Laura Jackson Designs

    London, UK

    London, UK | £100.00 minimum


    Laura Jackson Designs was founded in 2018 with the vision to bring contemporary design to ...

  • Letterfolk


    USA | £175 minimum

    Hi! We're Johnny and Joanna, the husband/wife cofounders of Letterfolk, an American brand that crafts meaningful products...
  • Londe Botanics

    Somerset, UK

    Somerset, UK | £250 minimum


    /londe/ • English, 14th Century (n.) The land, the soil, the earth. BRITISH GROWN BOTANICAL OILS Next British Beauty Br...
  • Love Kidswear

    Munich, Germany

    Munich, Germany | £100 minimum


    LOVE kidswear is a collection of stylish casual children’s clothing for boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 14 yea...
  • Lune Essentials

    London, UK

    London, UK


    Lune started out of personal necessity in 2019. Lune founder, Hannah, wanted a c...

  • Mad About Mats

    Hulste, Belgium

    Hulste, Belgium | £150 minimum


    MAD ABOUT MATS is an exclusive brand of trendy and high-end (door)mats, proudly made in Belgi...

  • Madame Porte la Culotte

    Paris, France

    Paris, France | £190 minimum


    Our adventure started with the desire above all to do good to all women. We have therefore created comfortable, aesthetic...
  • Mahi Chic

    London, UK

    London, UK | £100 minimum

    MAHI is a minimalistic sustainable clothing & accessories brand founded in South London, 2019, by designer Meshi Ei...
  • Maia Ming

    Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona, Spain | £150 minimum

    Maia Ming Fong was born in Hawaii, grew up in Italy and is currently based in Barcelona. She has been a designer/maker he...
  • Maison Des Revez


    UK | £100 minimum

    The principle idea underpinning Maison Des Rêves ("House Of Dreams") is the ambition to break out of living in fear of...
  • Oakywood


    Poland | £100 minimum

    Oakywood got its humble beginnings when Mateusz Haberny, the Company's Founder, was fresh into College. He knew he wanted...
  • Ode to Socks

    Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece

    We are ODE, a small brand from Athens, Greece. We love socks but we make clothes and bags as well. Our main material is h...
  • Olly and Belle


    UK | £50 minimum

    Unique designs created in Tunbridge Wells....
  • Oribon



    Inspired by Origami folding techniques, OriBon makes growing small plants at home fun and stylish. No trees where cut dow...
  • Oyster Moon

    Camberley, UK

    Camberley, UK | £200 minimum


    As sisters living on different continents, Gina and I often talked about starting a business. We shared the same ideas an...
  • Perfect Chaos

    Cheshire, UK

    Cheshire, UK | £75 minimum

    We all lead chaotic lives and hope to make them more perfect. We are two working mums with families leading busy lives...
  • POP&Co Kidswear

    Helsinki, Finland

    Helsinki, Finland | £100 minimum


    Recycled materials will be playing a significant part in the clothing industry in the future and I love it that many comp...
  • Presence


    LONDON, UK | £300 minimum


    Presence is a London-based brand, sourcing the highest selection of full-grain leather to create bea...

  • Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery

    Edinburgh, UK

    Edinburgh, UK | £100 minimum


    Pretty Pink was founded about 15 years ago by my business partner and friend Ilana here in Edinburgh. From the beginning,...
  • Purpuz

    Utrecht, Netherlands

    Utrecht, Netherlands | £100 minimum

    030 879 11 66

    Clen Verkleij (1986, Utrecht) has graduated in happiness as an organization sociologist. After a fast corporate career a...
  • R L I

    London, UK

    London, UK | £100 minimum

    Founded in February 2019, RLI is an indepent, luxury candles brand based in London. Our first collection takes inspiratio...
  • Rachel Pedder-Smith


    UK | £50 minimum

    Our company is run and owned by Rachel, the illustrator and Emma, the organiser. Rachel and Emma both grew up in rural Su...
  • Rani and Co

    London, UK

    London, UK | £75 minimum

    Rani & Co. is a feel good feminist brand for the person who has a zest for life, fiery ambition and who doesn’t fo...
  • Real Peruvian Alpaca

    Worcester, Worcestershire, UK

    Worcester, Worcestershire, UK


    We are a Peruvian British company  that promotes Peruvian Alpaca products through sustainability, we are based in London...
  • Reg&Bob

    London, UK

    London, UK | £100 minimum

    Reg&Bob believe that dogs should be dogs. When we couldn't find stylish and sensibly priced collars and leads  that ...
  • Sarah Drew Jewellery

    St Austell, UK

    St Austell, UK | £50 minimum


    Every coat I have has pockets full of things: I hear shells rattling about with bits of plastic when I pull one on to fac...
  • Shole

    Manchester, UK

    Manchester, UK | £50 minimum


    We're Shole, and we want to save the planet. Created in 2019, Shole exists to help people kick their habit of single-use ...
  • Sol Cups


    Australia | £100 minimum

    SoL Cups, Founded by Rebecca Veksler is an Australian owned company, born from a desire to make a reusable cup that is pl...

    Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium

    Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium | £85 minimum

    Every contribution to beauty, However small, Diminishes banality The Belgian brand SOMAJ was founded with this thought in...
  • Soothe Me

    London, UK

    London, UK | £no minimum

    Soothe-me Award Winning Skincare, especially for sensitive skin, created from pure plant based ingredients and hand made ...
  • StationX


    UK | £80 minimum


    Stationx is the brainchild of Nick Dixon, who has worked as Creative Director in the graphics industry for over 25 years....
  • Sukun

    London, UK

    London, UK | £100 minimum


    An Unlikely Journey - The story of Sukun begins with the history of our family. In 1951, Qamar H. Zaidi (aka Grandfather)...
  • Tea-Pop

    Altrincham, UK

    Altrincham, UK | £50 minimum

    Great for gifting, dinner parties or pure self indulgence, Tea-Pop is a UK base, family own tea blender and drinks manufa...
  • The Colombia Collective

    London, UK

    London, UK | £200 minimum


    The Colombia Collective works, designs and collaborates directly with the finest artisans from across Colombia to curate ...
  • Tsai x Tsai


    UK | £150 minimum


    Tsai x Tsai (read as "Tsai by Tsai") is a London-based boutique jewellery brand drawing inspiration from the founder’s ...
  • Velvet Venus

    London, UK

    London, UK

    My name is Jessica, I was born in Brazil and I am now based in London/UK. I am a Libra with an Aries Moon. I love to cook...
  • Vielo


    Austria | £50 minimum

    vielö takes a unique and understated approach to skincare, celebrating simple, yet effective ingredients. vielö was cre...
  • WeAct Company

    London, UK

    London, UK | £150 minimum


    Founded in London in 2016, with an aim to inspire people to take notes and sketch in unique notebooks and send out postca...
  • WOO


    Netherlands | £150 minimum

    The story of WOO started decades before its conception in an accumulation of experiences and events in Saskia de Knegt’...
  • Woven Pear


    USA | £80 minimum

    In February 2015, we saw a need for a women's focused sock brand and so we got our foot in the door. We worked hard to ...
  • Yaa Yaa London

    London, UK

    London, UK | £300 minimum


    My name is Yvonne and I am a gemstone jewellery designer and founder of my independent brand, YAA YAA LONDON.  I have be...
  • Yummy Yoga Girl


    UK | £50 minimum


    Visit Store
  • Zedig Design

    Richmond, UK

    Richmond, UK | £50 minimum


    Zedig Design is a London design studio started by Marie Zedig. We've developed a range of playful products that use bold ...
  • Zoe & Co

    Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest, Hungary | £75 minimum

    00 36 30 464 22 58

    Run by couple Agnes and Máté from Budapest, Zoe and Co designs handmade, quality vegan leather bags, clothes and access...