Best Pottery Classes London Has to Offer | Beginners Pottery

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Clay has taken the world by storm and now is the perfect opportunity to experience the best pottery classes London has to offer alongside world-class ceramicists. Whether you’re looking for a taster session that will satisfy your urge to spin (on a pottery wheel) or want to get stuck in with a multi-week course that will allow you to make a few prized pieces for your home, there isn’t a shortage of opportunities to learn.

We’ve rounded up the best pottery classes in London for you to discover, whatever on your ceramic making ambitions may be.

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Pottery Throwing Classes

For most people, a pottery class means experiencing the pottery wheel. Getting lost in the whirling trance of the wheel while gently shaping your object with smooth, gliding movements. If this is your lifelong dream, then roll up your sleeves and take the wheel for a spin at a throwing taster classes in London. We have selected a range of beginner’s pottery wheel throwing classes to get you started, and have lots of options with daily classes at these fun and interactive two workshops

Pottery Hand-buildling

If throwing on a pottery wheel has your mind spinning then hand building with clay might be more your style and speed. While hand building may be less popularised, it is no less impressive. It was, after all, how ceramics were made before the invention of the wheel. Learn all about these pottery making techniques that have been used for centuries, such as pinching, coiling and slabbing, and get creative with unusual shapes and patterns that are only possible with these techniques. 

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Unique Pottery Classes

A great experience for beginners wanting to learn hand building while creating something unique and memorable is a Wildflower Ceramics & Afternoon Tea Experience. Making floral inspired ceramics and sipping on fragrant floral teas, you will also enjoy learning the hand building process. Draw inspiration from nature and decorate your final piece with dried petals, wild flowers and paints. Pottery and Afternoon Tea are quirky and fun things to do for adults of all creative abilities! 

Multi-Week Pottery Courses

If you find yourself hooked after one pottery taster class, then you’re ready to take it to the next level and sign up for a ceramics course. These multi week courses will allow you to develop your skills, hone your artistry and continue your pottery journey while creating a number of pieces to keep our give away. It’s also great if you want to tackle a large project, like make a full ceramic table ware set. Pottery is wonderfully addictive creative outlet, so embrace it and give yourself the opportunity to get stuck in to a worthwhile project and dive deeper into the pottery making world. One such course that includes all the elements of pottery making is this multi-week pottery course where attentive tutors will teach you how to handcraft elaborate vases, tea pots and other complex forms. Also, you’ll be learning from world class potters who will introduce you to exciting techniques such as raku firing, ceramic jewellery making and polymer clay!

Paint Your Own Pottery

Ceramic cafes and studios are popping up all over London as the paint your own pottery trend strengthens. Perfect for couples, parties, team building days or even to enjoy alone, it’s no surprise that this is a creative class of choice that is suitable for any experience level! Pick pre made ceramic piece and let your imagination run wild, painting images, quotes, patterns or go wild with some colour coordinated splatter designs. Make personalised mugs with witty punchlines to gift or to keep, create a bespoke house number plaque on a ceramic tile, commemorate a special date on a plate or make your pup a new food dish. We love this unique Paint Your Own Ceramics Workshop which has the added bonus of BYOB so you can enjoy a relaxing ceramic painting session. Our tutors tell us this can help you stimulate the most interesting and original ideas. 

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