50 Creative Date Ideas | Fun & Original Things to Do in London

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Let us be your guide to London’s best Creative Date Ideas! We’ve curated the top 50 most unique and quirkiest date ideas for you to try out with your soul mate or tinder date. Because we want to spare you and your date the time and grief of deciding what to do in London this weekend.

1. Go on an Urban Brewery Tour Beer 

Need more date idea more creative than a standard pint in a pub? Take it to the next level with foolproof date on a Beer Tasting and Brewery Tour in East London.They’ll provide the top class craft beer but don’t forget to bring your banter.

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2. Try Couples Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is the love child of acrobatics and traditional yoga. You can pop into one of our favourite Acro yoga classes in North London, this couple’s activity will kick start or revamp your relationship.

3. Stay Out All Night and Watch the Sunrise

You’ll feel extra cheeky as you head home just as the rest of London is waking up

4Start A Creative DIY Project together

This could be a couple’s scrapbook of all your memories, finally printing and framing all your holiday photo or checking out an Arts and Crafts Class in London.

5Recreate Your First Date

This dates idea is inspired by the movie Fifty First Dates. Take your significant other to the first restaurant you dined in, order the same dishes, watch the first movie you saw together, retrace the steps of your first romantic stroll around London’s attractions and recreate your first #couplegoals photo. 

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6. Fall under each other’s spell and conjure up love potions at a Magical Cocktail Making Class

Learn to make mesmerising cocktails with bubbling cauldrons and magical wands whilst you don sexy mage robes. Using science & technology you’ll bring the magic from fantasy books to life in an immersive and  interactive experience!

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7. Learn to Throw on a Pottery Wheel

GHOST. Take a play out of Patrick Swayze’s book. With pottery classes all over London you can easily learn to throw on a pottery wheel. Make ceramic pieces, and if all goes well come back for a second date in 3 weeks to paint your pieces.

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8. Take a Dance Class Together. It won’t be too hard to per-Swayze you


9. Create Street Art in secret East London Garden

In the heart of East London learn to create your own graffiti. This unique date idea will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

10. Get Physical. Go Rock Climbing!

Challenge yourself and your significant other to a day of physical activity, clip in and get to grips with the basics of rock climbing. Bring your relationship to new heights with this creative date idea! 

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11. Learn To Make Matching Leather Card Holder

Have a banging time at this leather craft class as you hammer, burnish and stamp your bespoke card holders. Crack jokes that will have your date in stitches as you sew leathers together. Even if you don’t get a second date you’ll leave with a stunning handmade artisanal wallet! 

12. Have a Tranquil Picnic in Holland Park’s Kyoto Garden

Escape from London’s chaos and spend some down time with your significant other. Switch off your phones for an extra intimate atmosphere.

13. Visit the Sky Garden to explore a rooftop jungle!

Sip cocktails under palm trees on top of a skyscraper whilst you enjoy a 360 bird’s eye view of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and all of London’s famous attractions.

14. Check out an escape room

Work together to solves codes and break free. Nothing brings you closer like being trapped in a enclosed space…literally.

15. Try a Wine Tasting Session or Create Your Own at Home

Join a wine tasting session. Because wine not.

16. Test Drive Your Dream Car

Shot gun! Take your date or significant other on a test drive in your dream car. Plug in your feel good playlist, wind the windows down and enjoy the ride!

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17. Bake Desserts Together!

Macarons to make them swoon. Learn French classic pastries  or explore Italian show stopping desserts.

18. Design and decorate Hats and Fascinators

Put the class in classic! Get Ascot ready at this fun creative hat-making class then enjoy class Afternoon Tea. If all goes well take a trip to Ascot together! 

19. Make Natural Soap

20. Fill Balloons with Paint and Throw Darts to Pop them.

Remember that scene from Princess Diaries? Remember how cool that looked! Why not give it a go! 

Neon-Naked-Life-Drawing-London-599x600 50 Creative Date Ideas | Fun & Original Things to Do in London

21. Go to a Neon Naked Life Drawing Class

Drawing a blank on what to do in London this weekend? Take a trip down the rabbit hole at a avant-garde life drawing class. Under UV light sketch naked bodies decorated florescent accessories and covered in neon paint.

22. Go Mini Golfing with a Few Cheeky Drinks between holes


23. Let’s Go to the Beach, each, let’s go get away!

Does your date like long romantic walks on short piers? Escape London Hop on train and be on Brighton Pier in an hour. 

24. Get Down to Notting Hill Carnival

Dance along with your date on street parade, tuck into a great curry goat and jerk chicken and enjoy the best of celebration of Caribbean culture.

25. Print Couple’s T Shirts or Paper Wall Art 

This creative date idea is perfect for any couple who wants to try out screen printing on paper or textiles. Feel like a fashion designer for the day as you prep and print your unique t shirt or wall art designs. I hear matching couples T shirt are in this season.

26.Let your love blossom at Kew Gardens

Explore the massive greenhouses that feature plants from rain forests to arid desserts.

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27. Explore London’s best museums and galleries after hours at Lates

28. Take a Art/Painting Class Together

Paint me like one of your french girls”. Because Leonardo DiCaprio drew Kate Winslet their romance was smooth sailing…until well you know…the Titanic crashed into an iceberg.

29. This weekend water ski or wake board down London South Bank


30. Make a Personalised Scavenger Hunt For Each Other

This date idea can be a simple or as extravagant as you want. Create clues based on your relationship and plant them in your house, favourite cafes or all over London! We recommend a romantic activity at your final destination like riding bikes around Buckingham Palace, a picnic on South Bank or going up to the viewing platform The Shard. 

31. Have a competitive date night at a social darts bar in East London


32. Cheer on a Queen at a Drag Queen Show


33. Join a Terrarium Making Workshop

In the rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 days Kate Hudson fights with Matthew Mcconaughey because their ‘love fern’ wilts and dies. Well terrariums are fool proof plants that don’t need watering and will never die – just like your love for your significant other.


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34. Go Antique or Vintage Shopping on London’s famous Portobello Road, Camden Market


35.Try a Sushi Making Class Together

36. Go wild with Indoor Trampolining

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37. Indulge in a Coffee Tasting and Food Pairing Experience or a Coffee Cocktail Class

Do you want to improve your morning (or afternoon) coffee routine significantly? Do you want to learn how to make barista level coffee? Then this creative date idea is for you. Whether you or your partner are  huge caffeine lovers, or coffee novices, our brewing workshops or cocktail masterclasses will be tailored to your specific needs.

38. Climb the roof of the O2

For a truly unique and fun date night, climb the roof of London O2 arena and take in the scenic views of iconic landmarks.

39. Take a Stand Up Comedy Class together

40. Learn to Trapeze

Love is in the air! Defy gravity with your significant other at this creative date idea in London. Have the most magical time flying through the air at a London Trapeze lesson.

41. Play Hide and Seek in a London Gallery 

Let your inner kid free and enjoy a fun game of hide and seek in a London Museum or Art Gallery with your significant other. The thrill of getting caught or told off might help your puppy love blossom.

42. Dive into a adult pool pen in East London

Check out Ballie Ballerson

43. Be a Tourist in London

Go sight seeing around London’s iconic attractions. Go to the touristy places  in London you’ve always wanted to go to. Ride the London Eye, race each other across Tower Bridge or sunbather in the rose gardens of Regent’s Park.

44.Put Your Favourite Jams on and Start Making Your Own Jams

Silver-Ring-Making-600x600 50 Creative Date Ideas | Fun & Original Things to Do in London

45. Create your very own silver rings in just a few hours


46. Hand build pottery pinch pots

This date will go so well we’ll have to pinch to make sure you’re not dreaming. 

47. Make Leather Espadrilles that are perfect a summer of romantic strolling

Fun crafty things to do are even better when they are for a good cause. Juta shoes use sustainable eco friendly materials and support local communities by employ underprivileged women.

48. Handcraft Candles

Infuse them with your favourite scents or create a completely new aroma that will always remind you of this special date.

49. Try a pub crawl in a historic London neighbourhood, like the Bermondsey Beer Mile

50. Watch a movie under the stars at an outdoor or rooftop cinema.