15 Amazing and Empowering Statement Tops

If you want to add some extra attitude to your wardrobe, make an impact with an empowering statement shirt. Whether you prefer a sassy message of feminism, an empowering quote or take a more subtle political or environmental stand these 15 shirts do more than make a fashion statement.


Feminist Slogan Tops

Proudly show off your inner feminist with a sassy statement supporting equality and women’s rights. Whether you proudly wear a quote from your favourite feminist, rock a unique feminist illustration or get the conversation started with a more political message, these feminist statement shirts will empower you and spread the word for this important movement. Best of all, all of these pieces are ethically made and proudly support female designers and makers.


Fashion Activism Statement Shirts

Do you believe the fast fashion is harmful and want to raise more awareness for more ethical shopping? We love the power of a statement tee to remind people of such messages, even without having a conversation. Build awareness for the cause with everyone you pass or encounter by being a poster child for the movement. And as you’d expect, all of these pieces are made with the highest ethical standards and will continue to last you for years and years.


Empowering Message Tops

Whether you need an empowering reminder on your way to the gym or want to spread some positivity in your day to day, an empowering statement top will give you all the good vibes you need. Seize the day in these colourful and motivating tops and sprinkle little rays of sunshine everywhere you go.