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They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Cooking is the perfect way to win over someone’s affection, bring a family together, impress friends at a dinner party or even just to treat yourself. London is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, our city is filled to the brim with cookery classes and foodie experiences to satisfy your every craving. This season we are inviting you to explore new cuisines to spice up your cooking and bring something fresh and exciting to your dinner table. I hope you came hungry because we are serving up the hottest cooking classes and food experiences in London. Unleash your inner chef, and reach for the Michelin stars.

1. Make Perfect Macarons 

Is there anything more fulfilling than a delicate macaron shell crumbling as you bit into its silky sweet filling? If your idea of paradise is a tray of these delicate confections. then a Macaron Making Class in London is your heaven on earth.  You’ll learn to make the perfect macaron shells and how to fill them with decadent fillings. You’ll also learn that when you make macarons, indulgence isn’t just the theme, it’s the heartbeat of the course!

2. Fresh Pasta Making Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to make pasta? Well instead of valiantly trying and failing on your own, why not join a pasta making class.  Professional chefs will lead you through how to roll and cut pasta dough into tagliatelle, ravioli, lasagne. All the perks of pasta making and zero clean up.

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3. Bread Making

Wheat a minute, where is that freshly baked bread smell coming from? It’s a London artisan bread making class in full swing! In a chef-led and hands on class you’ll learn how to make bread from scratch.  With a few simple ingredients you’ll be able to can make sourdough starter, focaccia and even restaurant grade pizza dough in your own kitchen. This class is everything you could want and knead.

4. Sushi Making

Wasabi, Yo Sushi, Itsu…ain’t got nothing on you. Spend a gorgeous evening with a Japanese Masterchef for a private sushi making class in London. Or join a London cookery school and learn how how to roll sushi in no time. Show off your new found skills at the next date night, family gathering or treat yours truly  to a stunning sushi feast.

5. Exotic Cooking Classes

Take your tastebuds on a culinary journey to Peru, stop over in India and finally land in Thailand. Peruse Peruvian cuisine, indulge in an Indian cooking class or mix it up with a Mexican cooking experience. Join a London cookery class to explore a world of cuisines. Where will your cravings take you?

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7. Cheese Making Workshop

That’s what Cheese said! There’s nothing like the flavour of freshly made cheese. If you love cheese come and learn how to make cheese in just one day. At this London cheese making course you won’t brie-lieve how easy it is to make.

8. Coffee Tasting & Pairing

Whilst visiting Panama, Colombia, and Brazil, coffee connoisseur Mehmet learned about coffee farm culture and worked as a barista, and was trained by a world barista champion. Mehmet is now inviting you to share this knowledge at his unique coffee tasting class. Taste coffee and food pairings so satisfying- it’s sinful. Learn to pair speciality coffee with foods that share the same key aromas, according to his expertise these make the most devilishly delicious duos.

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9. Ice Cream Tasting Experience

Why settle for one ice cream flavour when you taste 20? Discover London through your tastebuds, take a an ice cream tasting tour and eat your way through Soho and Covent Garden, stopping the city’s finest gelaterias. On the Ice cream tour you’ll be entertained with fascinating stories of Soho and Covent Garden and spoil you with award-winning gelato, sorbets until your heart’s content.

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10. Brewery Tour and Tasting

Hop onto a London Craft Beer Tasting and Brewery tour. See how beer water, hops, malt and yeast combine to turn into delicious beer, listen to the history behind your favourite beverage and finally taste the glorious fresh brewed beers, ales and lagers. We are absolutely buzzing!

11. Make Cake Designs with Buttercream

Ice, Ice, baby.  We’ve always wondered how the elaborate cakes in bakery shop windows or Instagram food envy posts were made. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to decorate cupcakes with buttercream icing. Then maybe give this cake decorating class for beginners a go. Award winning teachers will guide you through the techniques behind their show stopping cakes. You’ll learn to pipe peonies, sculpt succulents and create rings of roses that would make Mary Berry smile.

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12. Learn to Smoke Meat and Cheese

Experience what it’s like to smoke and cure in a artisan London smokehouse. Smoke your own bacon or cure cheeses and walk away with all the skills needed to make you own bacon at home, a few pieces that you’ll have cured on the day, and a full belly.