Top 10 Craft Courses & Workshops For Adults In London

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You know that friend you haven’t seen for years and keep rescheduling plans with… yeah, the friend’s name is Creativity, and it’s about time for a reunion. Jump into a new craft, rediscover a childhood hobby or finally take that multi-week pottery course you’ve always dreamed of doing. London is loaded with craft workshops and craft courses to explore: sewing, jewellery making, pottery making, crochet, embroidery, candle making and more! We’ve rounded up our top pick of craft workshops available in London. No previous experience necessary. See you there!

1. Unique Pottery And Ceramics

Pottery and ceramics workshops are being hailed as the new yoga and a ‘holistic anti-depressant’ according to Vogue magazine. If you haven’t tried it for yourself then be prepared to get hooked. Try a taster course and get a feel for a range of pottery techniques: try hand building, wheel throwing or glazing. These craft workshops in London are available most days, so don’t miss out on flexing your creative muscle whenever it fits your schedule. If you’ve been hypnotised by the pottery wheel and really want to get stuck in, our London studios have courses for up to 6 weeks. 

2. The Craft Of The Silversmith

Silversmithing craft classes in London are so gratifying, transforming raw materials from the earth into beautiful jewellery pieces that can be gifted, handed down and cherished forever. For a unique experience, why not try a ring wax carving workshop where you can make chunky statement rings over a short class. If you want the chance to use a torch, hammer and saw… then a more in depth silversmith full day or multi week class is a great option. 

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3. 21st Century Crochet

Everyone is crocheting; kids, artsy millennials and crafty grandmas (who were doing it way before it was cool). Learn this timeless craft in less than an hour! If you’re a beginner, come and join a taster or evening class and learn the basics such as how to crochet granny squares. Crochet the day away at a creative studio, marvel at walls of inspiration and meet like minded craft lovers. If you’re a crochet connoisseur, take a crack at a more advanced lovable amigurumi dolls workshop (a Japanese cultural innovation), these cuties are great for unique gift ideas. The next time you see an overpriced crochet bikini or beach bag at Urban Outfitters, just know you could so crochet that yourself!

4. Everlasting Flower Creations

Working with paper or fabric, learn how to create stunning bouquets and other flower arrangements that are everlasting. Enjoy seeing your creations evolve, giving you lasting pieces that will brighten your surroundings and make imaginative, personalised gifts. From creating a fun floral arrangement for your home, to learning couture fabric techniques straight from Dior, there are a range of courses to suit your skill, style and budget.

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5. Organic Candle Making – Petroleum Free

Candles can change the whole vibe of a room, so bring a new energy into your home by making your own unique candles. Rather than spending a fortune on buying from a shop, make your own candles using natural ingredients like soy and beeswax in a perfect craft workshop for adults. Unlike soy wax candles, mainstream candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a petroleum by-product that is created from the sludge waste when crude oil is refined into gasoline (think of the black smoke coming from your burning candles).

You can enjoy learning about scenting candles to influence varying moods and atmospheres, as well as how to use natural essential oils to enrich candles with delicate aromas. Take your pick to fit your personal tastes and learn to make candles as a new hobby.

6. Priceless Jewellery Experience

Experiences are more precious than gold or silver. So jewellery making experiences must be priceless! Scientific studies are showing that new experiences bring more happiness than material goods. Following this theory means that a making your own jewellery will bring you more joy over time than a store bought ring. Try one of the many beginner and taster craft classes in London and hand make jewellery you will treasure instead of accumulating accessories that will eventually disappear into the back of your drawers.

Experiences include learning silversmithing techniques described above, as well as texturing and gemstones for stylish finishing. So close your 30 online shopping tabs and come and join a artisan jewellery making class in London. 

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7. Soap Making – Organic and Skin Kind

Be kind to your skin. If you’re tired of rough cracked skin from harsh hand and body soaps maybe it’s time to make your own all organic hand soap. Handpick each ingredient in a soap making workshop, where you can completely customise your all natural cold pressed soaps. Soap making workshops are available for every requirement and with a ton of different ingredients so you can experience the joy of working with nourishing materials, such as essential oils and opulent butters. 

8. Exquisite Embroidery

How are your embroidery skills? Sew Sew? Put your embroidery hoops up if you needle a little/a lot of help and let expert teachers lend a helping hand and grow your confidence and sewing skills at one of London’s best embroidery classes and workshops. Jump into a taster workshop where you can learn five popular stitch methods so you can begin making your own designs. Once you’re confident with the basic stitches, there is no limit to the beautiful embroidery designs you can create by stepping up the embellishment with gold-work, needle beading, and Applique. Whether it’s  jazz up your home, up-cycle old clothes or embroider denim jackets, this a great ‘grown up’ craft workshop idea for adults. 

9. Knitting And Community

If you’re a total knitting beginner or knitting obsessive, grab your needles and check out our favourite knitting workshops. From learning how to cast on/off, and how to apply knit and purl stitch, you can enjoy the community aspect of knitting among other learners over a cup of tea! Plenty of improver workshops are available, where you will learn how to read a variety of patterns and understand how to utilise tension. You can move onto advanced techniques, mixing colours and learning traditional methods like Fair Isle, as well as finishing methods to sew up garments. Wearing your own creations can prove incredibly satisfying, not to mention keeping you warm and toasty.

10. Unique And Striking Lampshades

Light up your life and your home with creative lampshade designs. Stand out from the crowd to make your very own shades and whether traditional or modern is your preference, you can add your unique touch to interior design at home. Select from the many courses available to make your own lampshades, learning stitching techniques and industry tips. There are advanced courses for those of you who want to go to the next level, where techniques in stitch and print are taught by experienced tutors. If you want to spruce up a lamp base or add an extra splash of colour to a room, you can choose from a wealth of suitable workshops right now to help you begin.